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Easy ways to get inspiration for writing music?

I became the lead singer for an alternative rock and pop rock band and I want to be able to write music for the band. I'm able to come up with some lyrics but I can't figure out how to put them together. What are some easy ways to get inspiration for writing song lyrics and melodies? Thanks for the help.

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    How to Build a Song/Write a Lyrics Poem From Scratch

    1. What to write about

    Think of something or someone that inspires you

    Something or someone that bothers you

    Something or someone that changed your life

    A person you admire

    A childhood or travel memory

    A small incident in a moment that reversed itself in your life

    Any subject it seems no one talks about

    2. How to write it

    Pick a melody in your head or a catch phrase that you like and just flesh it out.

    You can change any song idea after getting stuck for some other new angle or different idea. Don't stay stuck long. Use your journal. Catch ideas that don't yet fit for later.

    Use a rhyming dictionary, thesarus (directory of concepts!) or some creativity exercise.

    Oh yeah....keep doing it. Someone once said "there's no such thing as a genius, just someone who practiced 100,000 times".

    3. Format for familiarity

    People often write lyrics as poetry, but fight the usual rhyming and formatting most

    popular songs use. It's your choice, but it also depends heavily on whether your target

    audience is going to "get" your work if you get away from a standard AABA format with

    a solid chorus and hook, or whether the object is to try new creative or innovative ideas.

    In the end, you decide how and what to tell the world. Personally, I believe in choruses,

    familiar rock/country/blues formats and whatever gets your audience to sing along.

    Usually, less is more and repeating a key line once or twice makes a point stand out.

    4. Standing on the shoulders of giants

    Someone somewhere blew you away with a song or two. What was it about

    that song that you liked? Would you like to try and make a song that

    blows people away like that too?

    Emulate your idols without copying, or be inspired by a song you just

    heard on the radio.

    Believe in what you're doing. The only thing the greats (Dylan, Lennon,

    etc.) had in common was the belief that they could change the world by

    doing what they did. They were right.

    5. Exhibit A

    Maybe That’s The Reason

    People hate to fight, and

    People fight to hate.

    Sometimes we talk in unison,

    But we don’t communicate.

    You are always right, I’m

    supposed to be wrong.

    Maybe that’s the reason why

    I’m writing down this song,

    Maybe that’s the reason for this song

    Hungry dogs bite the hand

    That feeds them in their haste.

    Dogs with beaten or spoiled past

    Let the food just go to waste.

    Once your love put me in flight,

    But now it’s for the birds

    Maybe that’s the reason why

    I’m writing out these words,

    Maybe that’s the reason for these words.

    Walls are built to protect

    the valuables within.

    If something is of value,

    It should also be put in.

    No matter what we’ve tried

    It just keeps getting worse.

    Maybe that’s the reason why

    I’m writing this in verse,

    Maybe that’s the reason for this verse.

    Maybe that’s the reason

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    I think life experiences in general give inspiration. You can write songs about places you've been, people you've met, etc. or research events/topics/people online and write lyrics about them.

    As for melodies, I think you can just experiment with singing or an instrument if you play any. Try to find tunes that sound good. And research some music theory

    Songwriting is very one does it the same way.

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