who was more bigger and successful in their heyday between Led Zeppelin or Barry Manilow?

I was surprised how huge Barry Manilow was back in the 70's considering I never hear any of his songs on the radio.

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    5 years ago
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    Barry Manilow along with other MOR artists of the 70s like John Denver and Barry Streisand probably sold more albums than Led Zep but in terms of gross earnings through concerts alone Led Zep were probably more successful.

    Remember Led Zep never released singles so they were never a successful top 40s hit band. Middle of the road/ easy listening music has always had a mass appeal to people of all ages particularly to middle age folk with lots of money to spend. On the other hand Led Zeps fans were mostly older teens and young adults so its hard to compare the music genres of Zeppelin and Manilow and say who was more successful overall.

    In the 1960s Frank Sinatra, Tom Jones & Engelbert Humperdink albums out sold the Beatles but the Beatles had more hit songs than all three put together. So who was more successful ?

  • 5 years ago

    Zeppelin was bigger...but Manilow made his millions as well.

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