Does anyone know any stores that carry the original baggy jeans like Anchor blue did?

Been looking around the mall in Las Cruces,NM.No one makes jeans like Anchor blue did?Does anyone know any stores that does those kind of style jeans.Im sure theirs stores that do that kind of jean style.Send me the store names you been to?I will check them out online & in store.

1 Answer

  • Nick
    Lv 7
    4 years ago

    Baggy jeans? I remember those in the 90s and they were ugly, always trailed in the dirt, and made the wearer walk like a clown. A pair of slim (not skintight) jeans are better because they enable the wearer to show off his legs to the chicks without looking like a fag

    Source(s): Try topman for slim fitting jeans, and Oxfam for baggy ghetto pants
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