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Can there be an anti EU revolution in Britain suppose Brexit fails?


excellent answer ShadowDrone. Lets hope its not too late yet.

Update 2:

Well I am European and I realized EU harms Europe very much.

Update 3:

Thank you also LazySlacker.

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    An anti-EU revolution would be a waste of time and resources. We need indigenous racial separation to survive. Only those of British and Irish ancestry (post-1940s) who are fully racially white European should be allowed.

    Diversity is a codeword for native replacement. No other ethnic group would tolerate their own cleansing.

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    well, since there isn't a true eu military I don't see what they could do to stop it. Assuming a revolt against the eu. On the other hand if you mean against your own government (I'm assuming a revolution through electing new radically different parliament members) it will depend upon popular support.

  • Yes. Next Thursday, London and Scotland will vote to remain in the EU and the rest of England will vote to leave. Since London is the UK's seat of government and there is a large pro-Europe majority in parliament, we'll simply throw Little England out of the UK and the EU. We'll carry on making Europe an economic success and you can all starve in racial purity. I bet none of you know who your fathers were. PS You do realise that Boris is a Turk?

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    Look up the word Revolution, it's unlikely there's a revolution when the majority is in favor of the status-quo, it would probably be smart to start action now, instead of whine after the fact.

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