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2016 SAT Score?

So I'm a Junior and I took my first SAT in May.

My score came out to be 1060/1600..

This isn't TOO bad for a first try where I didn't even really study except 30 minutes the day before the test...right..

Or is it..? :(

I am really bad at math so I was a little shocked that I got 1060 because I thought I was going to get under a thousand..

I know this is really bad but how can I raise my score up to around a 1300-1400..?

I know this isn't going to be easy but I really am determined to try all my best even if it means I have to sacrifice a lot of things.


But I got a full 8/8 for the essay so I am not really worried about that

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    getting a tutor helps alott!

    but i heard most students take at least a year to undestand everything on the sat and do well.. but anything is possible if you try!

    for math, do prac questions with a book (book helps than looking at problems online) and then do a section everyday. (like 1 math section on monday, etc) and then go over questions you got missed until you undestand it for sure! so that you dont make the same mistake. memorizing vocab helps but theres not a lot of time.. but memorizing 10 vocab everyday means at least 100 vocab words by october.

    time doesnt really matter, but just study until you feel good!

    and its important to go over grammer rules for the writing part

    and if youre going to take the essay, read alot of essay samples and try to notice any patterns to get a good sat essay score

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    You are going to need a lot of improvement if you hope to get into a four-year university. Your 1060 is about equivalent to earning a 21 on the ACT. There are certainly some universities that will accept students with that low of a score, but you really need to aim for 1200 or higher. It is very, very unlikely that you could jump from 1060 to 1400 -- that is like going from a 21 on the ACT to a 30. The two things you can do are the following:

    1. Attend an SAT prep class that will help you understand HOW to take the test, so you don't waste time trying to figure all of that out.

    2. Purchase and work through an SAT prep workbook from any of the reputable SAT study guide publishers (Barron's, Princeton Review, Kaplan, etc.).

    If you do this over the summer and then take the SAT in September, you'll have the best chance of improving your score. Don't lie to yourself and say you'll study on you own -- you won't.

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