O2 sensor not fitting in the electric port where the wires plug in?

I have an o2 sensor that I just purchased for my 04 jeep wrangler, it is the correct sensor (234-4588 part number) however, it will not fit into the electric plug in port. The o2 sensor itself fits like a charm in the threads (where it screws in) I know it's the correct sensor and for the correct location, is there anyway to go about fixing this without dumping even more money into a simple project such as this??


I do have the old sensor I did a side by side comparison between the two. The original ones port has wider notches for the plug to insert The one I have now has smaller notches and lines up with all but the one on the end This vehicle was previously owned and they kind of rigged a lot of things. They changed factory wiring, and even the plugins. I cant contact the previous owner to see what they have done. So now Im at a loss. It seems I can get another fitting to replace the one that doesnt fit

Update 2:

It is the correct sensor. I broke down and took it to someone who knows what they're talking about because I've not a clue when it comes to wiring and what not. Turns out, it was literally just the male end on the wiring harness (attached to the car) /sigh. He traded it out for the one that is supposed to be there, now my check engine light is off, and it's back to running like a charm. Thanks for all of the help and information guys :D

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  • Ralph
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    4 years ago
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    Couple things. We are talking the O2 sensor for front of converter front? For starters you need to be using NGK's. Those would be OE. I don't know about a Wrangler but as far as the 4.0 in an '00 Cherokee Sport people will tell you that you will have nothing but problems if you don't. So take that for what it is worth. I work at an auto parts store and I can tell you that sometimes parts get boxed wrong. So does your new O2 sensor connector look like this:


    Then go from there.

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  • Joseph
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    4 years ago

    if it wont plug in, then its the wrong sensor.The plugs are different for this very reason.

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  • 4 years ago

    While I am sure you are sure, I think you may be mistaken about the part being the correct one.

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