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What age are you supposed to get kittens their shots? And what kind of shots are they supposed to get? Price?

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    FVRCP (feline viral rhinotracheitis (herpes), calicivirus and panleukopenia). First shot administered at 6-8 weeks of age. Series administered every two-three weeks until 12 weeks of age. Boosters given at 1 year of age, then once every three years.

    Rabies virus. First shot administered at 4 months of age. Boosters given every one to three years, depending on type of vaccine and requirements stipulated by local rabies regulations.

    The cost will vary, as usually you want to do a full physical on their first visit. Some will want stool samples, deworming, etc. I would recommending calling several vets in your area to see what they do.

    Non-Core Vaccines:

    FeLV (feline leukemia virus). First shot administered at 8 weeks of age. Second in series administered at 11 weeks of age. Boosters given once every one to three years.

    Chlamydophila. First shot administered at 8 weeks of age. Second in series administered at 11 weeks of age. Boosters given annually.

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    About 8-10 weeks is a good age, and it's not just tons of shots one day and done, it's a series of them over 3-6 months or so. Rabies, distemperment, deworming, snap test for kitty AIDS and cancers, etc. My husband and I spent about $340 total for appointments, shots, tests, and follow ups (this did not include neuter), but again, not all at once. Other vets are more expensive, so you have to do your shopping. Some vets offer kitten packages that you can pay all at once or pay off over time. These often included the price of the fixing, too. Really, it all works itself out to be the same in the end, no matter what you choose.

    I'd stay away from "chain" vets, like Banfield. They are overpriced and will rip you off at a moments notice. Just look in your area.

    Kitties and puppies are like kids: they are not cheap in the beginning, so you'd better have the funds and backup funds to keep your animal happy and healthy. Altogether, our kitten cost about $950 the first year; initial start up of toys, littler, food, kitty tree, etc., and all the vet care and neuter. Good luck.

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    call a vet and find out

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