Where did I see or hear "chiggity china the chinese chicken eat a drumstick and your brain stops tickin"?

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  • 3 years ago
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    It was the song One Week by Canadian group the Bare Naked Ladies. It was from their album Stunt released 10 years after they formed in 1988. Unfortunately, Kevin Hearn of the band contracted leukemia and spent several weeks in hospital but the band hired replacements to tour. The single topped the Billboard Hot 100 in 1998.

    Ed Robertson wrote the ideas for the non-rap 'choruses' with the concept being the structure of a fight where the protagonist knows they are wrong and is just trying to save face. He wanted to come up with a rapping verse for the song but all early attempts failed. Bandmate Steven Page suggested he simply improvise as the two commonly did onstage every night. Robertson followed this advice and set up a video camera. He improved the song at a slower pace to make rhyming easier and arrived at about four minutes of rap. He sent it to Page who told him not to change a word. Two minutes of the improvising was put almost directly into the verses song. As it is improvised, it is not intended to have any direct relation to the plot of the chorus sections. The liner notes from Stunt contain some of the additional lyrics that didn't fit into the song but that the band still enjoyed.

    "Chickety China the Chinese Chicken" is a reference to "checkady-choco, the chocolate chicken", a lyric from the Tribe Called Quest song "Scenario". Although the band has made no public statement about it, some believe it also refers to a strain of bird flu (H5N1) that saw its first human cases, in Hong Kong, at the time the song was being written.

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