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Christians have you ever wished Earth had a 72 hour rotation rate?

A 72 hour day would be great 🙂

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    Would our nights get to be 72 hours also? Would our work days have to be extended proportionately? If it means we would have to work longer each day, I'm against it.

    I have a counter suggestion--we get more days in the week--maybe one extra weekend day. A new calendar with an eight day week with a weekend three days long. I think this is actually achievable, although I haven't worked out the math.

    I'm sure the number of days in the month would have to be adjusted to make it work--but I think it could be done. On the other hand, I'm pretty sure there's no way we can slow the earth's rotation down to 72 hours, and it might be environmental catastrophic to do so.

    I understand though, that the Earth's rotation rate is indeed very gradually slowing down. I'm not sure what the slowdown rate is, but eventually the Earth will become tidally locked, with only one side facing the sun. Also, the sun will become too hot in about a billion years for life to continue to exist on this planet anyway. I'm not sure which event will happen first.

    Hopefully by then, we'll have settled other planets or be living in giant space colonies, where we can make the days and weeks any length we want.

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    You mean it isn't already 72 hours?

    Next I suppose you will try to convince of the "power" of gravity. Or the "existence" of single celled life. I mean, there is NO verifiable proof of gravity and there are NO FOSSILS of single celled life, so evolution is a myth.

    Sorry to rant, but gee.

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    Hell yeah 72 hours ..muslims would benefit the most from this..each virgin from the 72 virgins takes an hour 😜

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    I personally never thought of it. Why not? Life moves faster as you get older anyway.

    I'm 20 and it feels like I should still be 12.

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  • Yeah, you could spend 64 hours a day trolling.

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    All you have to do is pray for it in Jesus' name and it will be granted so go for it.

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    no i have never wished that

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    IDK about Christians, but I can barely keep up with a 24-hour day.

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