Best controllers for PC gaming?

What's the best controller for overall PC gaming which means Steam, emulators indie games all that?

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  • 4 years ago
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    xbox one or ps4 controller. they are both good.

    i prefer xbone controller, but there are people who like the stick layout of sony controllers.

    EDIT: to counter the misinformation above.

    1) xbox360 controllers are terrible for emulators. this is due to the absolute **** Directional-pad. is also **** for games like mortal kombat which rely on accurate directional pad input.

    2) xbox one controller works on windows 7/8 AND linux. this is just plain misinformation. theres a windows update on 7/8 to allow you to use the controller. this isnt new. it happened like a couple months after windows 10 was released.

    3) also the xbox one wireless receiver supports up to 8 controllers on a single adapter. again this is just plain misinformation.

    PS4 controller works natively on windows/linux. no software needed. not every game supports them, and you may have to use something like xbox360CE to emulate an xinput device. (any game that says "full controller support" will work with ps4 natively)

    the steam controller is more of a KB+M alternative rather than a normal controller. its meant to be used to allow you to play FPS/TPS RTS and MOBAs using a controller instead of KB+M (as those genres pretty much require KB+M).

    games that play better on controllers, you are usually better off with a xbox or playstation controller. the steam controller fills a different role. its for people who want nothing to do with KB+M. or as a way to transition people from controller to KB+M.

    i dont really recommend USB console controllers. many of them are not well supported with drivers (though win10 seems to do well with default drivers for many things, so this may no longer be a problem on win10) and are just really cheap quality. Look up "mayflash". they are well-supported adapters to connect the real console controllers to your pc.

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  • 4 years ago

    For "General Purpose" without any extra drivers or stuff... The "Standards" for PC controllers are...

    * Gold: XBox 360 -- Wired (~$30) or Wireless (~$40-45, packing MUST state "For Windows" as it includes the USB Receiver) that works for pretty much all Windows PC's with minimal issues. You can connect up to 4 controllers to the USB wireless receiver, so you can easily get more controllers elsewhere.

    * Silver: XBox One -- Bit more expensive (as the Wireless USB receiver is $25), but has similar layout as the XBox 360 controller. HOWEVER, this is restricted to Windows 10 officially (Microsoft refuses to provide drivers for older versions of Windows). Receiver still supports up to 4 controllers

    * Bronze: Steam Controller ($50) -- While geared to work within Steam, it's pretty flexible for all PC games... including those that don't natively support controllers. You may need to add non-Steam games / emulators into your Steam library, but it's a minor deal.

    You can use Wiimotes & PS3 / PS4 controllers, but you will need to have a BlueTooth connection (either built-in to your computer or via a USB dongle) in addition to software to convert controller input into PC-understood stuff.

    For emulators, you can find retro USB controllers (Atari 2600, NES, SNES, GEN, N64 & Gamecube) for $15-20 / ea. if you want to stick with the original controls... but that's more personal preference.

    Hope this helps!

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