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What is the difference between a game client and a game patch?

When chosing to download a game, what is the difference between the two? The question has been asked before, and was listed as resolved, but the answer was too vague for me to understand. The way I understood it, a patch may be faster to download, but isn't the full game or may not have all features. Is this correct?

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    The game client is the 'complete' game installation on your computer, and will usually be the most recent version of the game that you can download, with all of the existing games patches already applied.

    A game patch is an update to the game client, usually fixing errors, adding new features or adjusting components of the game. Expansion packs are a type of game patch, focussed on adding a large amount of new content and features to an existing game.

    A (game) demo is a free, deliberately-limited version of a game and will not have as many features (or will have features disabled) and will typically not allow you to progress or play beyond a certain point. The idea is to encourage you to buy the full game,

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    The game client is the one you actually use to play the game. The patch is usually manual update to the game client you download, and is not used to play the game itself. You only download the manual patch if the updater isn't working (ex. When you start an online game, it'll always open up a window and check for updates before starting).

    All in all, download the game client if you actually want to play the game.

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