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what "Great" things did hitler achieve in his life time during WW2 and how has it affected the world?

i need this for a school project.

if you could send a good website link or just answer the question would be great! thanks!

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  • 5 years ago
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    Hitler achieved many things during WW2, but arguably not many of them were particularly great. Hitler is more renowned for the mass murders he orchestrated than anything else so his legacy somewhat speaks for itself.

    Having said that, one area Hitler did achieve something positive in was the economy. When Hitler came to power the economy was in ruins as a result of the Great Depression. Around 6 million people were unemployed. In 1933, he promised to beat unemployment within 4 years. Rearmament led to increased production and therefore more workers were needed and he also mopped up the unemployed by putting them in the army.

    In addition, a network of motorways across Germany began to be constructed. There was an improvement in the level of wages, yet they were lower in 1938 than they had been in 1929. Hitler also improved conditions in factories and through the KDP (Strength through joy) he provided workers with holidays and leisure time.

    However, at a cost, workers had no rights, they were forced to join the Nazi Labour Front, trade unions were banned, wages were low and there were fewer goods to buy as a result of the war.

    Anything positive Hitler achieved during WW2 was therefore not as rosy as it seemed. Unemployment fell in all countries as the Depression came to an end so maybe the achievements of the Nazis were not so great after all.

  • Todd
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    5 years ago

    He would delegate. So anything great that came out of Germany came from others. He wasn't at the war table. Other people were. The only thing great he did was unite people as a nation with a loud voice and with promises he could not possibly fulfill. Sounds like somebody we know today, doesn't it?

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