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When has freedom ever been directly threatened in the United States?

Obviously, it was threatened when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. But I don't really understand why Americans always say that our military is fighting for OUR freedom when, most of the time, our wars are fought due to a selfish motive or a fight to bring freedom to another nation (Korean War or Spanish American War). So, does the US military actually fight to maintain freedom?

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    It goes without saying that the Revolutionary War directly threatened the freedoms America enjoys today. Not only would our Founding Fathers paid for their beliefs with their lives, but those opposed to the Crowns rule would have be severely punished, many unto death.

    In 1812, England was again at war with the United States, and the attacks at New Orleans, Washington DC and of course, Fort Mc Henry (which inspired our our National Anthem ) are well known.

    In the American Civil War, the United States faced it most severe threat, which threatened to tear the country apart. In a long and bloody war, that threat was defeated.

    In WWI, we responded to the attacks on American citizens lives, and the threat to the freedom of the seas posed by Germany. While the Pacific and Atlantic oceans provide a great defensive advantage to the US, those oceans provide a ready means for an enemy to threaten the USA.

    Contrary to popular belief, even in the early 1900's America was a nation based on trade. Free access to the worlds oceans and trade routes are essential to the economic prosperity of this country. Failure to maintain our access to these trade router would doom our nation over the medium and long terms.

    The German fleet and the German U-boats threatened that freedom of access. And America responded.

    The situation was the same in WWII, where not only Germany, but Japan, attempted to control the sea lanes and destroy any shipping that did not fly their flag. Hundreds of ships were torpedoed and sunk within site of our shores. Our warships were attacked on both oceans, and our coastal cities attacked by submarine's cannon. Again, the American fighting man placed his body on the line for this country.

    The Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Cold War, were all part and parcel of the same conflict, the battle between the Democratic Nations of the West and the Communist Countries of the USSR and China.

    Only two countries were left standing at the end of WWII. The USA and the USSR. The leader of the USSR, Joe Stalin, was a real piece of work. Raised a thug and murderer, he rose in the hierarchy of Lenin's Communist Party by virtue of being the most ruthless, the most paranoid, butcher the world had seen to date.

    His campaigns during the Russian Civil War saw millions killed, millions more herded off to the Gulag, never to return, and genocide on a scale that has rarely been matched since. This was the man who set the course of the USSR after WWII, determined to crush any real or perceived threat by force of arms.

    The people he chose to be part of his inner circle believed completely in this doctrine. (That goes without saying. You never crossed Uncle Joe twice. You died the first time you put a foot wrong)

    Stalin's inner circle took over the reigns of power after his death in 1954. They followed his blueprint to the letter.

    Until the end of the Cold War, the USSR stood ready make Khrushchev's famous quote "We will bury you!" come true.

    The American fighting man stood between the citizens of the United States, and those who wold make them slaves.

    Today, the forces of Radical Islam make daily threats to destroy our way of life. 9/11 - 7/7 - Boston - Lee Rigby - all show this is a threat to all freedom loving people.

    When is freedom threatened? - Every day

    Who stands between us and the Barbarians?

    The men and women of the United States Armed Forces

    God Bless them ALL

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