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We found her yesterday,she was a stray for who knows how long..We took her to a vet,she got tested for feline aids and leukemia and she is fine..Anyway,I'm worried though,because we have foxes,coyotes,skunks,raccoons,etc..Around here and they carry rabies..I'm worried while she was outside as a stray,she may have been bitten...She is 1/half pounds,and is 6-7wks old..IF she HAD been bit,wouldn't it of killed her? I see no bite marks,she acts fine..But she sometimes hisses,like she ran off a bit ago and I ran after her and picked her up and she hissed,is this rabies? Also she scratched me yesterday,if the cat licks its paw and has rabies then scratches you,you can get rabies too!!! WILL I?


the scratch didnt break the skin,but it left a red scratch mark for a few hours,but its pretty much gone now..but if she licked her paw,it had spit on it,and then scratched me..I could get rabies..but I think if she had been attacked by a rabid animal it wouldve killed her since shes so small,am I right? am i worying over nothing

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    I think you're worrying over nothing. You carried her to a vet, he or she would have been able to see if the kitten had been bitten and would have tested for rabies. Don't assume that the kitty will be loving and friendly immediately, it has to get to know and trust you just like you have to get to know it. Cats have different personalities just like humans, some are friendly and some not so much.

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    Well you did take her to the vet. If your kitten had rabies chances are that the vet would of figured that out. If there are no bite marks anywhere on your kitten then she should be just fine especially since she saw a vet.Chances are she hisses at you because you are new to her and she is working on trusting you. Something could of happened before (that caused her to be a stray) to make her not trust anyone. Since she has been outside for who knows how long it's normal for her to not trust people at first. Just feed her and play with her. It will help her understand that she can trust you. If an animal with rabies bites you, then you can end up with it too but I'm not saying that you have it. Like I said, your kitten has had tests done so she shouldn't have rabies but if you are very worried, contact your vet and let them know that you are worried. They can help.

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    Why didn't you get her a rabies shot ? The chance of her having rabies is very small a rabid animal would have killed her. Get her a rabies shot on the next visit and vaccination shots.

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    lol highly doubt this situation cats are temperamental especially a stray! give it time to settle in up to a year if it was born a stray its known nothing but the wild give it time ! if she had rabies ahed foam at the mouth walking funny and more

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    No, she doesn't have rabies. Thanks for saving her. Make sure you feed her a good food, mostly canned., nothing from the grocery store.

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