How can I tell whether I just have a spider bite or the beginning of MRSA?

You may know I keep thinking about this based on questions, but this is a physical issue. I noticed a few days ago I had a mosquito bite, but now it looks more like a spider bite. It's very small now but I see a red dot and so far barely anything has come out and what has looks like a small amount of water. I kow I may be overreacting, but the problem is last year I thought I had a spider bite on my leg and it turned out to be MRSA. (I'm sorry but I can't post a picture.)


Also if you had MRSA once do you become a carrier? I got my first infection nearly a year ago from a cut on a lane line during a swim team meet, then again sometime in winter on my elbow, then on my breast (no idea how,) and now possibly on my leg. The only way I can imagine getting them is by being a carrier and somehow MRSA bacteria just infected me.

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    Although MRSA has been mistaken for spider bites, this is a more serious form of bacterial skin infection and just resistant to common antibiotics. There are other skin abscesses like common boils, but to be MRSA would have to be diagnosed by a doctor. Most likely your injury is the common form unless you are at risk, like having been on a long regime of antibiotics. I don't know that this can be carried without symptoms.

    Spiders are not known to cause such injuries beyond a minor secondary infection, and even that is not common, even a paper cut can cause such infection.

    You might try treating this as a common skin abscess, and if your symptoms persist or worsen, you should have it examined by a doctor.

    Here is a good read about genuine spider bites:

    Source(s): Studied venomous arthropod bites and stings.
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    5 years ago

    You're not a carrier for MRSA unless you are still infected. You would not have a silent infection for a year. (You could not have a silent infection of MRSA for more than a day or two.)

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