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Do you get tired of saying "Nice Shot" to the guys you play golf with?

I really get tired of saying "Nice Shot" or some variation of that expression to the people that I play golf with. I really don't think it means much when you say it 50 or 60 times a round of golf. Of course you have to keep coming up with a different way of saying it too. Sometimes I say "Good Hit" or "Great Drive" or "What a sand shot". It really distracts me from my concentration when I feel obligated to compliment all the other golfers on their game. They do it too, so it evens out in that respect. I think we should just forget about telling each other how good they are and just play the game.

I actually declared before a golf game once to the other three guys that I was not going to say "Nice Shot" or anything similiar after they hit. I encouraged them to do the same for me. Well, you would have thought I stuck a knife in their back. I got little snide remarks all during the play. Of course these people are my friends so I took no offense. Any thoughts on this???

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    I have a thought on this. I read your remarks and I have felt your pain with various people I've played with over the years.

    My simple rule is this. I don't BS people, there are VERY FEW truly nice shots in a round of golf. Unless someone hits a really nice shot, I don't say anything.

    Another thing on this, if someone tells you nice shot, thank them for it, don't just walk away all proud. If I take the time to tell someone they hit a good shot they darn well better acknowledge the fact that I noticed it and thank me!

    Other than that I think it's good etiquette to acknowledge a nice shot, but seriously, unless he steaked it to 3 feet or busted a wicked hooking three wood on the green from 260 yards, I don't say anything.

  • John F
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    4 years ago

    I never get tired of hearing the other players say "Nice shot" when I hit a good one.

  • L&M
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    4 years ago

    I play in a golf league regularly, and it would get tedious to constantly complement all the nice golf shots. We all saved the compliments for the truly exceptional shots.

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    There's nothing wrong with having good form. It's easier to just say "good shot" and getting it over with than it is to get bent out of shape for feeling like you have to say it. It's just good etiquette.

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  • Say it when they pipe one down the fairway...not on every shot (then it'll mean something). Other variations "here, hit mine while you're at it", "that's Bubba long", "holy jeebus", and the like.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    No, as long as he bows to me when I have a good one!

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    try different phrases like - what a doofus / hey Gumby / what a scrote / yer mammy can do better..............and the like

  • Willie
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    4 years ago

    I don't play that sissy sport.

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