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World War 2 vs Modern?

Ok so a question popped into my mind. What would it be like if there a simulated battle of WW2 Infantry, artillery, vehicles, planes, boats vs Modern ones. I know that obviously the modern technology soldiers would win. But can anyone explain how effective would WW2 war technology would be against modern. Can anyone please also tell me a video games/ simulator where it is possible to recreate this type of battle. Thanks. PS - Please do not mention nuclear weapons, i dont count them as part of my question.

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    The only possible strategy for the general with WW2 equipment would be to fight a decentralized guerrilla style war. The idea would be to prolong the conflict as long as possible until the war becomes unpopular by the civilians on the opponent's home front. With popular sentiment in the modern country turned against the government and the troops, politicians will settle for the terms of the WW2 general to stay in power to appease their voters.

    It worked in Vietnam.

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    Let's think about just one aspect of WW2, bomber missions. In WW2, a typical ground based anti-aircraft shell could be accurately aimed at a single bomber provided it was flying straight and level, but because it took 30 seconds to reach 30000 feet, the shells could be evaded by changing course every 25 seconds or so. This meant that most bombers got through.

    Today, we have heat seeking and guided anti-aircract missiles, which are so good that one missile nearly always kills one aircraft. So, any bombing mission consisting of waves of Heinkel, Lancaster, or B-29 bombers would be completely destroyed before reaching the target.

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    Even without NUCLEAR weapons......you're still talking superior firepower and cruise missles that can travel much further than mere gun-powdered fired shells.

    Modern planes would decimate WW2 era planes.........and Apache Attack Helicopters could mop up anything else on the ground or sea.

    Simple rule of firefights is..............superior firepower wins the day.

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    Try the game, "Empire Earth" for the PC.

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