Do all girls go for guys who act tough?

I never feel the need to "act" tough, when I talk to a girl I like joking with them and just all around being silly, I don't push people around, fight people cause they are being smart asses, take drugs or anything like that.

I just don't feel like being a poser, for example this guy who is about 5'3 and 110 pounds likes running his mouth, showing off his condoms, and trying to act tough by picking fights, he gets all the girls but he is in reality full of hot air, he can't fight and he hits like a girl. I took martial arts and can hit so hard I knock people completely off their feet. and I have even cracked ribs on accident before.

But I don't go around running my mouth, if somebody messes with me too much or with a friend than I show them my pissed side but otherwise I act friendly knowing its better to have friends than enemies. Because of this girls always pass me over for loudmouths.

Do all girls like guys who act tough or do some girls like friendly guys?

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  • 4 years ago
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    The short guys you're talking about have a condition called the "Little man syndrome" The have no self esteem and they are compensating their insecurities by acting tough. He doesn't get all the girls, just the ones who aren't very bright. Trust me. they'll wise up before long. The ones that aren't attracted to him are more mature and see right through him. You sound like you're very much together. You already know that acting tough is not the same as being tough, and fighting does not prove you're a man. The younger the girls are. the easier they are to influence with tough talk and a lot of empty bragging. The reason you don't feel the need to act tough is because you're secure with who you are, you know what you can do if necessary and you take to much pride in yourself to diminish it by being a braggart. You may be passed over now, but these girls will grow up and see you for who you really are and you won't be able to beat them off. Your doing everything right, keep being friendly, A guy that doesn't have a since of humor is a turn=off. So keep joking and making friends. Every relationship starts with friendship. You didn't say your age, but I take it you're pretty young 'cause I can't imagine grown men showing off condoms to each other or to a woman. If a guy showed me his condoms, I'd have to say, "I guess if you were any good, you'd have already use those.

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