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We saved this 7wk old stay kitten today from my sister's car engine..Anyway,she is very calm,hasn't bit me yet,and is a sweetie..We took her to the vet,she got tasted for feline aids/leukemia and she was fine..anyway,a bit ago she got scared while I was holding her and she scratched my wrist..Not enough to make it bleed,but enough to leave a nice red mark..Anyway,I'm freaking OUT...She is only 6-7wks old,weighs 1 and a half pounds..I think if something rabid had bit her,she would've died..But foxes,coyotes,bats and raccoons are bad around here and I'm worried she got bit maybe while outside (She was a stray),and I'll get rabies from being scratched by her!!! I'm freaking out please help!! She acts totally fine,but I read rabies in cats can take months for signs to show..HELP IM FREAKING OUT

I'm so scared,I read you can get rabies from a scratch..HELP my anxiety is out of control and now I'm thinking I've got rabies help!!!

She is very active,playful,eating/drinking/pooping/peeing,she is friendly,very friendly..only hisses at the dog,she likes us and isn't mean at all..but I fear bc rabies can take a while to show up,and i read scratches can get rabies from that not just a bit

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    Here is your second question

    Know this before I answer that the only way to know for sure if the kitten has rabies is to euthanize the kitten so they can check the kitten's brain. Do you really want a kitten to suffer and die cruelly because you wouldn't stop overreacting.

    Is the kitten exhibiting the following symptoms:

    -Excessive, dripping salivation (hypersalivation), or frothy saliva

    -Muscular lack of coordination

    -Paralysis in the mandible and larynx

    -Jaw is dropped


    There are more symptoms but just wanted to bring on the more common symptoms and you said you took the kitten to the vet, so don't think the kitten has rabies, the vet would have told you through examining the kitten.

    Seriously CALM DOWN!!! Asking the same question multiple times is against the terms of service and you can be reported for that.

    If the veterinarian was examining the kitten the veterinarian would have told you if the kitten has rabies. If the veterinarian did not say anything then the kitten doesn't have rabies.






    The kitten doesn't have rabies.

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    Rabies isn't spread that way at all.

    And no, a 7 week old kitten who looks healthy is NOT rabid. Rabid animals look extremely sick.

    What you got was a scratch - the hallmark of a new kitten owner -- stop freaking, you'd get worse cutting out the dead canes in the raspberry patch!

    And keep her indoors. Coyotes eat cats.

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    Whether the bite is from a family pet or an animal in the wild, scratches and bites can carry disease. Cat scratches, even from a kitten, can carry "cat scratch disease," a bacterial infection. Other animals can transmit rabies and tetanus. Bites that break the skin are even more likely to become infected.

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    If that cat has rabies, maybe. If not, then no.

    Either way clean it and disinfect it.

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    well you need to relax and the only way your gonna get rabies is if the cat had them

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    unless she had her claws in the brain, saliva, spine of an animal with rabies...

    also if she does not have rabies you cant get it from her

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    it is possible that you COULD get it if the cat had rabies

  • ?
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    get a grip !!! you WILL be fine .

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