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pizza delivery driver's insurance is having coverage issues what could this spell ?

i was rear ended yesterday by a pizza delivery guy and that fool managed to tell everybody on scene that he was delivering even tho he could hide it easily because of no pizza shop signs on his vehicle. now i just got a call from his insurance they asked for my first last name where the car was etc and then she said that they are having coverage issues since their policy holder was delivering at the time. they are still investigating it but what happens if they deny to repair his vehicle could they also deny to repair my vehicle as well ? the insurance company is progressive.


oopsss i don't have under insured coverage only liability :(

Update 2:

it happened in West Hartford,CT

Update 3:

his insurance refused to cover either vehicles and i pretty much have to get an estimate then take him to court for the damages done so it is me vs him now no insurance companies are involved from this point on.

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    first off if his insurance doesn't cover him delivering he lied to the pizza company because they require you to be fully insured. When I applied at Dominos they wouldn't let anybody be a delivery driver who didn't have insurance thet covered using a car for work and my friend also got fired from dominos on the spot after causing an accident. So besides that, if their insurance doesn't cover delivery driving guess who is financially responsible? HE IS. If you choose to drive without proper insurance you're assuming financial responsibility for everything that happens and is not covered. If he doesn't agree to pay for your damages get 3 estimates for your vehicle and take him to court. Also ask his insurance company to send you a letter stating why they aren't covering damages to your vehicle.

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    ALL personal auto policies EXCLUDES coverage while in the course of business and delivering pizzas would be excluded, thus the coverage investigation.

    To have "any" coverage then the driver would need a "commercial policy" or a rider to his policy for his delivery. His insurance won't pay for your damages, nor his, since it is EXCLUDED in the policy.

    I am surprised that Dominos has this policy, since most "mega" pizza companies don't fire, nor property inform their employees of the need to buy the "right" policy to cover them if/in an accident. I have had employees from Pizza Hut, or other companies that don't insure their drivers which I "feel" they should since so many of them are paid minimum wage and tips.

    My suggestion is to sue this kid in small claims court (if under $5,000) in most states, so don't need a lawyer. Also, in your complaint you list the pizza company also. The odds are that this pizza company has in their frigging contract they don't pay for any accidents, but, (if) lucky the judge might "shame" them into paying. I say this, since even with an estimate of your damages and a rear end, no dispute of fault, this kid has NO money to pay you. Courts issue judgements, but do not collect, so have a judgment and no money.

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    You'll probably be okay, but key word: Probably.

    In most jurisdictions, insurance companies have an "absolute liability" rule that they must follow by legislation. In very basic terms, it means innocent parties cannot be denied compensation just because their client decided to lie to or hide the truth from them. But that's most jurisdictions, and it's a very very basic description.

    If the idiot who hit you didn't tell his insurance provider that he was delivering pizzas for a living, he's got a serious problem. Insurance companies call that non-disclosure of material information, and it's their #1 reason for refusing to cover claims. Non-disclosure is the legal term for hiding information, and it's the same as lying on a signed contract. Lying in a signed contract voids the contract.

    Hopefully, this idiot's decision to lie to his insurer won't affect you. By law (in most jurisdictions), innocent parties cannot be punished due to someone else's bad decisions. But that's most jurisdictions, and you didn't say where this accident happened. That means it's a total guess.

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    He was using his vehicle for commercial use, which is specifically excluded from his insurance coverage. That would be my guess. You are either going to have to go through your own insurance or sue the driver yourself for the amount of damages. If you don't have collision coverage, this isn't going to be easy for you.

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    Report this right away to your insurance company. They will handle it. Most likely, you will get coverage under your uninsured motorist coverage.

    If you are uninsured, you will have to sue him and the company he worked for.

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