What do you think of this girl's behaiviour ?

hi, first off i'm a 1st year college student and i'm not in usa nor American. so at the begining of this year there was a girl in my class that's really outgoing and childish. as the year goes by we gradually became more friendly with eachother when i talk to her i feel like know her from years ago and i know she's very confortable talking to me too. so sometimes we walk out of class together and we have a good conversation but i noticed that every time we do this and she's friendly , the next day she completely ignores me and of course i pretend to ignore her as well. after i noticed this pattern i started playing her game that lasted for a month until she talkes to me. also she mimics some things i do exemple sometimes i wink at her wheh i see her from distance in the course or outside and she recently started doing it as well. when i see that she''s not okay i tell her not to worry and she does the same back. the other time we finished class and i asked her why she was crying and we talked for 20min and she didn't go with hrt friends , but the thing is over text (facebook) she's not talkative at all and i'm sure not to bother her or anything because i barely text her once a week and when i got her fb i added her a week later even she asked me if i found her account when i didnt add her. and in person she's the one to talk and she calls my names in class so i'm a bit confused. can you explain her behaiviour please ? thanks

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  • 4 years ago
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    Judging by the category you put this in and the context you are male. OK let me get something straight. Girls are complicated. Fortunately, this entire description you put leads to one conclusion. She feels comfortable around you. Apparently very comfortable. There is actually one detail that doesn't lead to that. She tries not to start the conversations, but does if you don't. From my personal experience, that is a sign that the girl doesn't want to show others (most likely her friends) that she likes you. She might actually like you, or maybe her friends tease her about you two being together. She does want to talk though.

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