What is the TOP 10 BEST Nintendo games?

Hi, I need help. I want to buy some Nintendo games, but since there are so many games. I am at a lost. What are the best Nintendo games out there? Please help.

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  • 4 years ago
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    Not in a paticular order

    1. Splatoon, fun game and the story mode is fun. Gets fun once you find a weapon set that suits you

    2. Smash for 3ds and Wii U, Fun party game, I've gotten hours of fun out of this game

    3. Super Mario Maker, Once you get some inspiration, course designing is really fun, and then the courses online are good, but some aren't

    4. The Ace Attorney series, Ok, its made by Capcom, but still a great visual novel with a lot of mystery

    5. Shovel Knight, Made by Yacht Club, but the game is amazing, bosses are epic, and very tough

    6. Pokken Tournament, Very fun, the campaign isn't much story wise, but fun and challenging, great to play with siblings and friends

    7. Super Mario 3D World, Very basic, but fun and has great level design.

    8. Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire/Pokémon X and Y, both very fun, online battles and the elite four were intense, great RPGs

    9. New Super Mario Bros. 2, Fun starter game for 3DS.

    10. DK Country Returns, Fun game, was also my first game

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