What pc build should i go with for a 1080p home media streaming device? Please send in Pc part picker links. (budget under 300).?

Do Not include windows 10 because i have 2 keys laying around. This pc should be able to stream 1080p video butter smooth, and my internet connection on wired is 30-40mb down and 12-20mb up. This can support video.

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  • 5 years ago
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    if you only want it to stream 1080P video to a single device with no transcoding, you can do that with a 5 year old $300 laptop lmao. (which if bought now could probably be like $100 or less).

    i mean any old $50-80 used dell pcs would be fine with the core 2 dou/core 2 quads.

    if you want to stream to a single 1080P device, but that device cant naturally decode the video (most phones and computers can do it easily. many consoles and set top android boxes can. i know roku cant, think amazon fire can), then you would be fine with like a pentium G3258 build. (even that is overkill for just a single transcode stream. a core 2 dou could still probably do that if at 3.0ghz)

    if you want to stream to multiple devices which you need to transcode video for, you will need a much better cpu.

    my home media server is using an i5-2500K, and it can handle 4 plex transcoded streams to 1080P simultaneously. my home media server i was able to get for under $400 using the 2500K, 16GB of ram, P67 motherboard, 4TB HDD, 120GB SSD, 500W xfx psu, and a tv tuner card for getting antenna tv to be streamable/recordable.

  • 5 years ago

    This is the part where I throw back my head in laughter... Ready? 1...2...3! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry if that made you feel a little bad, but seriously, if you want to really get a nice custom pc that'll stream 1080p, you are going to have a hard time if it is under $300. (I assume it's dollars since you didn't put anything else and I'm American). There are some pretty sweet tutorials on youtube that can help you put together a build under $600 though. Here's a link. Hope this helps! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_lJ52NmnGh4

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