Has anyone euthanized a dog because of separation anxiety after all options have been exhausted?

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    4 years ago
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    Ditto to Scarred. I wouldn't own a dog with any type of anxiety. I HAVE suggested to clients to euthanize their dogs for separation anxiety. When life is torture....it is the humane thing to do. 3-4 years ago, I ran into a real doozy though. People that had paid over $100K, for a SchHIII, Show Shepherd from Germany, with the intent of breeding it. When it arrived at our facility, it was obvious the dog had never even been obedience trained. This dog wasn't just scared of everything around it...it was TERRIFIED. He clung to these people like we were trying to pull him away from his oxygen tank. Their home had already suffered double the cost of the dog in damages. To promote him....they wanted to trial him at major competition...a REAL one...not the "bogus" trials that are set up to title the show dogs (these are normally conducted during a Sieger show). They offered us enough money to vacation for the next 10 years if we could get him to complete a SchHI (Yes....ONE) routine...bite work ONLY....and gave us 8 months to accomplish this. They left him for 2 weeks so we could see if he'd settle down a little. When they came back....I drug him out (as he was too terrified to walk), handed them the leash and told them to euthanize immediately. They asked if we know anyone else that might do it for them. (F**KiNG rich imbeciles). Here's the problem...the dog had a mountain of paperwork, excellent scores, and as show dogs go...was beautiful! Of course all breeding would be A.I....for "safety" (barf! The dog was too nervous to breed). I like to THINK they took my advice...but have a feeling they sold straws of semen, and bought a few new houses to replace the damaged one. Leaving this dog alone in a house, was MUCH worse than death would've been. You may save your house by kenneling a dog like this, but there is NO reason for them to be "saved". "Saving" a dog like this. means a one way ride on the pink juice express.

    I had the pleasure of meeting a mixed breed 15 years ago. These were the 5th owners...after being returned to the "no kill" shelter by the first 4 "would-be saviors". The combined damage to homes was $1.7 million. In a case like this, the owners should get the pink juice, just before the dog..... and the "shelter" should be bulldozed to make room for a new McDonalds.

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    I have never done it, but, I have never owned a weak dog either, however, I would not wait until everything else is exhausted because I know that conditions like that are GENETIC and CANNOT be cured, regardless of what martyrs will believe.

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    No. There is no excuse to euthanize a dog for that reason. Find him a new owner where he will not be left alone.

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