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Can u name me people who has the last name "small"?

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    Albion Woodbury Small (1854–1926), founded the first Department of Sociology in the United States at the University of Chicago

    Ambrose Small (1863 - vanished 1919), Canadian theatre magnate

    Archie Small (born 1889), English footballer with Southampton

    Bertrice Small (1937–2015), American writer of historical and erotic romance novels

    Brendon Small (born 1975),American actor, composer, and musician

    Bruce Small (1895–1980), Australian businessman and politician

    Charles A. Small, Director of The Yale Initiative for the Interdisciplinary Study of Antisemitism

    Charlotte Small, Métis wife of explorer David Thompson

    Chris Small (born 1973), Scottish professional snooker player

    Edward Small (1891–1977), film producer

    Elisha Small (died 1842), American sailor

    Emily Small (1996-present), All Star Legend

    Ernest Gregor Small (1888-1944), American admiral

    Frank Small, Jr. (1896–1973), represented the fifth district of the state of Maryland in the United States House of Representatives

    Fred Small (born 1952), American singer-songwriter

    Gladstone Small (born 1961), former England cricketer

    Heather Small (born 1965), British soul singer

    Henry Small (footballer) (1881–1946), English footballer with Southampton and Manchester United

    Henry Small (singer), Canadian singer

    Jack Small (1765–1836), English cricketer

    Jack Small (footballer) (1889–1946), English footballer with Sunderland and Southampton

    James Edward Small (1798–1869), lawyer, judge and political figure in Canada

    James Small (inventor) (1730–1793)

    James Small (rugby player) (born 1969), South African rugby union footballer

    John Kunkel Small (1869–1938), American botanist

    John Small (cricketer) (1737–1826), English cricketer

    John Small (politician) (1746–1841), political figure in Upper Canada

    Joe Small (cricketer) (1892–1958), West Indian cricketer

    Len Small (1862–1936), Republican governor of Illinois

    Mews Small, American actress

    Michael Small (1939–2003), American film score composer

    Millie (singer) (born 1946), singer born Millicent Dolly May Small

    Milton Small, (born 1964), former West Indian cricketer

    Pauline Small (1924–2005)

    Phil Small, Australian bassist

    Richard H. Small, American scientist, responsible for creating the algorithms for calculating loudspeaker cabinets together with Albert Neville Thiele (Thiele/Small parameter)

    Sami Jo Small (born 1976), women's ice hockey player

    Sharon Small (born 1967),Scottish actress

    Sherrod Small, comedian

    Viro Small (born 1854), catch wrestler and boxer of African descent

    Willard Stanton Small (1870–1943), experimental psychologist

    Wade Small (born 1984), footballer

    William Small (1734–1775)

    William Small (Scottish politician) (1909–1978)

    Source(s): just to name a few (lol)
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    Mikock small

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    chris smalling

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    . . . Well I guess WE know who's getting "best answer." 😒

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    Don't know any..

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