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Raped. Hate men. How can I overcome this?

Mk. So, I'm 17. And, well, I hate men. Truly. They annoy me. They're pathetic. I've dated guys since but I treated them like **** and was borderline abusive. The only guy in my life that's okay honestly is my dad and even he is sort of a sexist **** head. I'm overall really sadistic. I enjoy being really sweet to guys, then watching them shatter in front of me. Every time a guy is nice to me I **** it up. I make weird flaws like, "God, he was just being so NICE to me wtf is that? Creepy ***."

When I was 14, a guy (18) wanted me to meet him. I met him. It became very clear that his plan was to rape me. He forced his hands all over me, put his thing in my mouth and held me down grabbing my neck really hard, got on top of me. I kept saying, "Please I'm not in the mood" and he kept smiling and saying: "Are you now?" After he'd do something. I punched him in the face extremely hard, and slid out. Everyone told me, "Wow, youre so lucky he didn't actually rape you" but really that just ****** me up even more.

Honestly I'd kill him with no remorse. His friend committed suicide, and I felt happy because I knew that might hurt him. I don't want to go to prison, obviously, but if he were killed I'd go **** on his grave and rejoice. I'm not even that angry tho really.

I would go to therapy, but I have no money lol. So. That cant really happen.

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    What you need is faith in humanity again. Yes, you have gone through a lonely hell but you need to decide whether you wish to exit the cycle. I can tell you that there are many men out there who are giving, genuine and considerate, loving persons. There would even be a few who would be able to break beyond your hunger for hurting them by understanding what is going on. I married a very angry woman yet she has learnt to trust.

    Keep your eyes open. If you want it, there is a better life than you would have had without the suffering. You have seen the darkside afterall. Once you see the bright side what broadness of wealth you will have.

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  • Dafydd
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    I think you have Asperger's Syndrome. It includes a psychopathic element that would explain your sadistic streak in relationships that normal people would class as normal and your murderous streak towards your would be rapist and objective reaction to your would be rapist's friend committing suicide.

    Asperger's Syndrome also includes a self-harming / suicidal component you'd need to watch out for if you have it, so it would as well to know if you do have it,

    Do the RAADS-R test, RDOS quiz and WIRED assessment on the internet and if any of them say you likely have Asperger's Syndrome, join WRONGPLANET.NET website, go to the beginners forum, tell them your results and ask their opinion.

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  • 4 years ago

    you dont need therapy ---- to me its just giving money to someone for nothing ---- its YOUR life your decisions ----- yes you were raped and the guy that did it is scum suffice to say i consider them the lowest form of life you can have --- it does not mean every guy is the same or that every guy wants to use you ----- i know its easier said than done you have to decide not to hate us and while being cautious at least talk to us find someone you like and have a conversation and if you dont find someone you like at them moment keep an open mind ---- you are not old enough to join a dating site at the moment ---- just talk to someone you find interesting

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