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Is this cat just sick now or is this a precursor to a sickly cat in the future?

So I am about to adopt a cat, he s 10 months old, and a complete love bug that stole my heart. My only hesitation is, when I met him he had an eye infection, and he s on antibiotics now to treat it so I wouldn t be able to take him home for a few days. His rescue society found him on the street when he was about 8 weeks old, skin and bones with a big belly due to parasites/bacteria etc. They nursed him back to health, and the lady who ownes the society said he s been a healthy cat ever since. Now I m a little weary being that my first impression of him is seeing him sick, since the last cat I had, whom I also adopted, was riddled with health issues. It was hard but I loved him so much and fought for him, spoiled him, but ultimately lost him to kidney disease. That was a year and a half ago. I m ready for another cat, but I don t think I can go through it again having a sickly cat. My question is, could this cat just be sick now, or is this evidence of what is going to be a sickly cat in the future? His caretaker said he got sick because of being in Petsmart for a week, that sometimes her cats come back sick from there if they re there for a week or more because of the poor air circulation and close confinement to other cats with their litter boxes, dust from litter, etc. She said they re working on better solutions for them and try to keep their door open and cages clean in their room at Petsmart. Thanks in advance!!

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    That's BS that close quarters would cause a cat to get sick. What causes a cat to get sick are viruses/infections from other cats. So clearly this shelter/rescue group is not taking very good care of their animals if they're putting them in PetSmarts to be adopted when they're sick.

    I also find it VERY odd that this is a 10 month old kitten which would mean he's been with the shelter for EIGHT months.

    I would go find another rescue group/shelter to adopt from. The last time I adopted from a shelter that seemed to be telling me stories I ended up with a Feline Leukemia positive kitten (despite being told she was negative), $900 in vet bills and a few months later a dead kitten.

    Note that I am not in the LEAST bit bashing shelter groups. I've volunteered with shelters/rescue groups for over 25 years so I know that there's good ones and there's no so good ones. These people have a mile of excuses and you'll likely end up with a very sickly young cat or it even passing away since they didn't bother to test it for diseases, screwed up the records like the shelter group I dealt with, etc.

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