Final Essay for AP American English Lit--HELP!!!?

As a part of my final for my AP English Lit course, we have to write an in-class essay about what we think should be taught in an English Lit Course. I have hit a wall, and was looking for some help on what to write about as this final is coming up soon. Thanks!

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    I am a Lit. Major in university, so this literally would make my day cause Im kind of a nerd for reading and sh*t like this.

    I would focus on your OWN passion for reading, and dive in to why you think that reading is important to the significance of literature, and the learning of students.

    An essay is the translation of ideas into an argument - so its easy. Prove WHY English Lit. should include _______, _______, and __________, because these important areas of study will improve the overall curriculum and enhance the students understanding of english literature. (THESIS)

    With three body paragraphs, the standard essay structure unless you teacher speaks otherwise, should do you well.

    Here is an example to trigger some of your OWN ideas: One of the points could be autobiographies, because you almost never see them in English Lit. classes, and they are arguably still literature books - Something like, English lit. courses should include a more defined and focused unit on autobiographies, because they present a host of literary themes that are not found in other literature books, and portray realistic tones from authors. - Something to that effect. I feel like talking about a genre of books could really help with this - Autoiographies, poetry, Mystery novels, could be excellently aruged angles here, as to why they could improve English lit. classes, or stimulate classroom interest in literature. That would be my approach. Good luck :D

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      If you cannot come up with an idea for your essay, you can use some 'third-party' help.. ;) I've used such an research papers service as for my student works for several times. I've never been disappointed with them.

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