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What was your worst breakup story/saddest?

What was the cause? I need ideas for a final school project. We need to write a short story for drama class.

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    When i was younger my significant other and i were to engaged to get married,however she had leukemia as a child and told me if it ever came back it would likely kill her...inevitably it came back and because of this she went back to live with her family who then moved away to another part of the country to get her treatment....and i never knew if she had died or survived.It still really plays on my mind.dont know if you could call that a break-up or even sad but it certainly f****d up my head for a long time.

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  • 4 years ago

    My senior year of high school.

    A nice quiet girl named Jennifer S. (not her real name) committed suicide about 3/4's through the year.

    I was interviewed for hours by the local police about how I knew her, were we dating? or ever intimate? did we ever hang out? what reasons would she have for taking her own life?

    I never knew her other than I had helped her a few times in math class and nodded to her whenever we passed in the hallways.

    Everyone says she left a letter on the Geometry teacher's desk before going home that last night.

    I heard the faculty whispering saying it mentioned me.

    No one ever let me see it or told me what was in it.

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