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Anonymous asked in TravelUnited KingdomLondon · 5 years ago

Tips for Reading Festival?

I m 16 and going toReadong Festival in a group of about 8. None of us have been to Readig before and I would like a few tips. I know it changes every year but even a rough idea would be a great help.

What s the best zone to camp in? We don t want a trek of the arena but don t exactly want our tent burnt down. I m thinking orange/purple but not sure.

What time is the best time to aim to arrive there ? - what s the traffic like? (We re being dropped off by car)

Are the showers worth using?

do they thoroughly search bags?

Best entrance?

I heard there s a swimming pool?? Just what??? I m so confused.

What are the water stations like? I heard the water tastes dodgy.

Any ideas on types of foods to bring? I m thinking cereal bars but we re not cooking and would rather buy as little as possible

Any other tips and useful info would be great I ve done as much research as I can buy some stuff is vague.

I know this is a lot but if you can answer any of these questions I would be very grateful!

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    Best zone would be yellow/brown, its fun but you get a lot less of the idiots there.

    I'd arrive late evening if you're going earlybird, if you're going on the Thursday extremely early is your best bet, once 10am hits the ques really build up.

    showers... nah, scrub your face with a bit of soap and water and you're sorted, doubting it because of your age but if any of your group grows a beard pretty fast than a razor is a nice touch I've found useful in past years.

    Wouldn't even bother trying to sneak alcohol or drugs in, they are very thorough on bag and person searches and will find it 99% of the time, leaving you waving goodbye to whatever it was you were trying to sneak in, if its the latter then i should say I've seen sniffer dogs there on occasions.

    best entrance - red

    swimming pool? no swimming pool but there is a leisure center next door that has one, thats probably what you've heard in a different way.

    water stations - nothing amazing but they do the job, you get some twats standing there brushing teeth in the mornings because they haven't worked out they can do it just as well with a bottle of water...

    food - fruits, cereal, crips, canned stuff that will keep for the weekend, i normally stock up at tesco after setting up camp, the usual on the menu is 50 bags of crisps to cover those drunk snack times, fruit/cereal bars for the mornings and thats about it, the rest is brought there, the trailers are like a mecca for any drunk food you would want.


    take wellies, i don't care if the weather says the suns going to be parked in ******* Reading for the entire weekend at 30 degrees... take bloody wellies or you will regret it.

    take a bigger tent than you think you need (mines a family tent with 6 rooms and a living room that i can jump in and thats for 2 of us...

    £50 a day plus £50 for tesco ( covers beer and food)

    fire wood gets expensive, £12.50 a bag say 3 bags per night thats £37.50 (is it?) per night

    don't shout the ridiculous crap that gets chanted, you'll look like a ****, it was never funny or cool

    don't become one of the groups us older lot look down on as idiots at their 1st/second festival acting like they're on a big week out in magaluf, its a field in England that we all came to so we could drink beer and hear some wicked live music.

    most important... have fun =D

    Source(s): Festival junkie for like 10 years now Reading 07,08,09,10,11,12,13,14,15, download 08,15 de nimes 14/15 burning man 13
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    Reading Festival Tips

  • Tavy
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    5 years ago

    Yes they do thoroughly search bags. The rest is incidential.

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