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Hi I'm currently 15 years old I need to start deciding what i want to do I'm really confused at the moment and cannot decide I would appreciate help and suggestions I want to join the British military I'm interested in joining the Royal Marines or going through Harrogate AFC and joining an infantry regiment (don't know which one) and potentially join the army commando regiment I need help with this which path would be more worth while and how should I train for either one so I can help myself better during training thanks Kev

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    5 years ago
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    Go for the Royal Marines. You should run everyday and give yourself Saturday and Sunday off. Start out slow jogging for 2 miles, once you can jog 2 miles, carry a weighted backpack and jog for 2 miles until it becomes easy. Then run for longer and repeat. Royal marines have to carry up to 80 pounds (5 stone) in their bergens during training. You will have an advantage when you enter the army if you have been training like how I suggested. I was in a PT in the 40 Commando (Norton Manor Camp, Taunton)

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