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PC build grounding question?

Can i use surge protector instead of connecting my psu directly to the wall outlet? Am i still grounded?

Can A painted Case and PSU can be grounded also? I have Corsair 450d and EVGA 750w GQ

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    Not needed. Just hold onto the case whenever you work inside of it, and make sure you don't work on a surface that can build a charge (i.e. Carpet or plastic), or wear loose fitting clothes. It's all about managing electric potential energy, and as long as you don't build on carpet or plastic, and level your potential to the case when working on the computer, you should never have an issue. I have been working on computers for years and have never killed anything with ESD. Just use some common sense and you won't hurt a thing. ESD protection is really on NECESSARY when actually assembling individual PCB components or chip packages.

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    All properly made surge protectors are engineered and manufactured with grounding techniques. Just to make things more clear, the inside of a case is nor painted. Any metal object screwed into any other metal object that has a wire connected from it to the ground pin on an AC source that is connected through house wiring to a grounded electrical outlet will be grounded. So, the case and power supply are physically touching and the power cord ground pin is connected to the metal frame of the power supply inside it.. The motherboard is physically connected to the case through the mounting screws that fasten it to the case. So, the inside of the case and the power supply and motherboard are all electrically connected through the third pin-green ground wire in the power cord and from there back to the electrical wiring panel if the outlet has the third -ground pin and it is properly connected in the outlet and at the electrical box end.

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