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K-Pop Rapper Questions?

I have a few questions about being a K-Pop Rapper.

1.) Why aren't there any videos of rappers auditions? There are always videos of singing or dancing, but not rapping.

2.) What requirements does someone need to meet to be selected as a rapper? (Obviously, knowing how to rap.)

3.) What are good songs to use at an audition for rapping? English and Korean. Male and Female.

4.) What/which company(s) is/are most likely to take in people from foreign countries.

5.) How sound someone train to be a rapper? Is there any training that should be done?

6.) How are rappers selected when they audition?

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    1) I'm sure there are some videos out there, just that they're not for public view. I feel that the Kpop industry prizes vocalists over rappers, since there are some who perceive rappers to be redundant in a Kpop group. There are also people who believe that members "without talent" automatically become rappers if they can't sing, since rapping is not a priority in a Kpop song. Over the years, though, I think people are gaining more interest in rappers, so you might start to see more of rap audition videos.

    2) If you're interested in becoming a Kpop rapper, then you probably have to perfect the language first. Proper pronunciation of Korean words is important in rapping, and companies will look out for people who can enunciate the phrases clearly. Other than this, you'll also have to be able to write your own raps to fit into certain songs, and they must fit the flow of the song. (I didn't know this until I watched Produce 101 and Monsta X's NO MERCY!) You'll also have to take note of your rhythm, flow and tone.

    3) I'm not too sure about this, but you can take some inspiration from Produce 101's position evaluations. The songs chosen for the rap evaluation are:

    - Turtle Ship by Mino, Ja Mezz and AndUp (for SMTM4)

    - Rhythm Ta by IKON

    - You Look Good by Verbal Jint

    Depending on which style of rapping you want to do, you can choose different types of songs and either write your own raps or use the same lyrics but with a different rhythm. Here are some suggestions:

    - Get Low by Jooheon (Monsta X) and Mad Clown

    - 0 (Young) by NO MERCY trainees

    - Chuck by Seventeen

    - Sinosijak by IKON

    - Fire by BTS

    4) Personally, I don't think many companies will take in foreigners from Western countries. There are some that accept foreigners who are Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Singaporean, Thai) but there are some that take in foreign trainees. DR Music, which is RaNia's company, debuted an African-American member (Alex). I'm not sure about Katherine Lee's (Produce 101) nationality, but she's from MIDAS. These are not very well-known companies, so I think you can try auditioning at companies from the Big 3 first and see what they say!

    5) The key thing is to work on rhythm, flow, tone, enunciation and these basic skills as they are the foundation for a rapper. You'll just have to keep practicing, either by writing your own raps or rearranging preexisting songs. After that, work on making your rapping sound unique. The industry already has many rappers, so you'll have to work on being unique if you want to stand out from the rest.

    6) The companies will probably get some judges who are professionals at rap to judge your skill. If they feel that you have potential, they'll accept you and make you undergo some training (1 on 1? I'm not sure actually) to perfect your skills.

    Hope this helped!!

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    I know you already chose a best answer but I would like to add on to a few of the questions.

    1) Companies audition as Vocal, Dancer, Model, Actor, MC typically. Although some may differ, they may have only 2 options, or a whole bunch more, these are the typical 5 you will see. Thus, most rappers auditioned through vocals or even dance. Better rappers were most likely discovered and recruited or sent their music to companies directly.

    4) So i'm gonna assume you are some sort of Asian. In that case, JYP is a strong bet. A large portion of their idols are foreign with many of the Korean ones being from the States. If you are Korean, I would tell you to try out any label as having a Korean background and fluent English can only be a plus. If you are not, I would again suggest JYP. They hold auditions all over the world and have numerous foreign idols of a Japanese, Chinese, Thai, etc. background. But generally, most larger labels are capable of handling foreign trainees. SM frequently recruits non-Koreans, YG has begun to do the same. Keep in mind that a foreign trainee is more expensive, a huge investment that will only begin to earn profit when they get extremely popular and can actually use their other language as an asset. Thus, only a powerful, wealthy company has the ability to do so.

    If you have any questions, just leave a comment or email me :) there's a lot that I feel you haven't fully thought about and I would love to help.

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    You're never going to make it in the K-Pop industry. Stop being delusional.

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