our cat bring us toys?

we have a cat about 3 yrs old, he brings us toys (rubber ball sometimes toy mice) i think he is bringing us a gift and we should pet him and thank him. my wife think he brings them so we can throw them for him to fetch. if he brings them as a gift i dont wanna throw it and hurt his feelings because i know if you throw their gift they take offense to it. he is an inside cat and has never even set paws outside so im unsure of the actual meaning of this gesture, does he wanna play or is he bringing a gift?

1 Answer

  • In the past I've had 2 female cats who loved to play fetch, and in both cases it was they who initiated the game by retrieving a toy I'd thrown for them to chase. It was the one game they never got bored with, even when they reached their senior years.

    Next time your cat presents you with a toy, praise him as usual, but try throwing it a short distance to see if he'll retrieve it. A surprising number of cat do.


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