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Anti-Static Gloves Question!?

Am I need to ground my self before I put Anti Static Gloves? Or I can straight put it on? Thanks!!

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    Put on the gloves or other ESD protection, but to do not connect to a true ground.  Instead, attach the connector to a metal part of the chassis of the unplugged computer.

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    Static is just too simple to understand. An object builds up a "static" charge of free electrons---period. The static charge will flow to any object that serves as a path to ground. When you walk across a rug or comb your hair you build up free electrons. When you touch a ground source, you see and feel the spark of the discharge. When you are insolated from a ground source, there can be no discharge. It is a simple matter of understanding instead of a complicated set of rules. If you walk and scuffle your feet on a rug to build up a charge and reach out and touch an IC chip in a motherboard, you will probably destroy the chip. If you first touch the pc metal chassis that is connected to a power cord that is grounded, you will discharge your whole body. If you have no built up charge then there is no problem.

    I have worked safely on electronics for many years by simply touching a ground source before handling components and also by not touching any part of a circuit board except the fiberglass edges.. If you are sitting and not shifting and you touch a ground source then you need no other cautions than above. No gloves, no static mats no discharge cords- just common sense.

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