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Joel asked in Entertainment & MusicMovies · 4 years ago

Why does North Korea invade the U.S. in the Red Dawn remake?

Before you say things such as "That movie suck!", I know that there are people out there that dislike this movie and I know that it is impossible for them to invade without going over the Pacific Ocean fast enough. I just want to know why North Korea invades us in that movie. Is it because they want to get their hands on our resources so they could fix their fragile economy?

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago
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    Because of poor writing.

    In the original, it was Russia that invaded the US. At the time, Ronald Reagan was president and Cold War tensions were high. Nuclear war with the Russians was a real and present danger so there was a lot of fear of the Russian military.

    But when the remake came out, the political atmosphere between the US and Russia was completely different. They behaved more like allies than enemies, and the political tension between them was well hidden from the public. As a result, the writers had to come up with a new invader.

    The most credible threat came from terrorists - Bin Laden and the Taliban. But terrorists don't invade a country like that - their tactics are completely different. The writers at least knew that much. They knew they had to pick a country who was known to be an enemy of the US and the West, whether or not they represented a credible threat or not.

    So all they really had to do was look at James Bond movies in the last 10 years to find their enemy. China would seem like a likely candidate, but Die Another Day (2002) showed that North Korea would make a more believable enemy - after all, look at the slamming of North Korea and Kim Jong Il Hollywood was already doing - Die Another Day, Team America World Police (2004), etc.

    So really it's just lazy writing that resulted in North Korea invading the US in the Red Dawn remake. Given their well documented history of human rights violations, their choice to pursue the development of nuclear weapons over solving the food production problems that was causing starvation among their population, and the legendary propaganda and social controls imposed by the Kim family (the children are raised to revere the Kim family as Gods), North Korea was low hanging fruit to the lazy screenwriter.

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  • P S
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    4 years ago

    the original movie was made during the cold war when russia was a threat to the USA, now north korea is a bigger threat (arguably)

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