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should a rebuilt motor be hotter than normal?

i got my motor rebuilt by scion and the car was released to me with water as the coolant. i took the car right back to the dealer and they switched it to the proper coolant but said i had a air pocket. which doesn't explain to me why i had water instead of coolant. but they fixed everything free of charge and i realized that since this new motor my car heats up super quickly..probably within a minute the needle will be up to the normal spot it always goes up too. then it takes a few hours for the car to cool down. the temp gauge needle never moves after it stops in the normal spot it always went too even before the rebuild. Im just concerned about it taking so long to cool off completely and why it heats up so fast. Is this normal? everything else seems normal. The car drives amazing and no steam or smells coming from under the hood. Its also been hot in Northern New Jersey today so far. around 80 Degrees.

why would the car heat up so quick and take long to cool off.?? thats what im trying to figure out.

thank you

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    there is more friction in a new /rebuilt engine ..warm up is always quicker ...but your gauge has not run hot so dont worry ..its not unusual for an engine to take a long time to cool down is in a cold climate but you say its warm

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    It's hard to say for sure if there was an issue with the temp sensor prior to the rebuild, but generally speaking, if it's warm out then it doesn't take long for an engine to heat up. A minute or two can be all it needs on a hot day.

    There was water in your engine for coolant because that's what they use when they are rebuilding and testing engines. Water removes heat better than almost anything. "coolant" is added to stop the lines from freezing in the cold, inhibit rust, and lower the boiling point.

    You can have the dealer check your temp gauge to ensure it's reading correctly.

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      Raze the boiling point not lower it. For a engine to come up to temp in one minute is very odd even in hot weather.

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  • 4 years ago

    Hi simple answer worn parts within an engine produce less friction. so less heat a new engine needs to be run in for a few thousand miles slowly. not doing this results in it needing to be done again as you will wreck it again. so when it has be slowly loosened up it will perform better than it even does now when it has covered 5 k miles with care.

    so this is why i say when an engine gets to be over 100k miles it needs to be overhauled.

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