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Jehovah's Witnesses, why hasn't your organization's child sexual abuse problem been corrected?

Many JWs are still in denial about the huge child sexual abuse problem within their religion. Some claim that the problem has been rectified and that the court cases throughout the world are from incidents that happened 30 plus years ago. Why are there still major investigations and many pending court cases continuing today? The Jehovah's Witnesses have a "2 Witness Rule" and refuse to report child sexual abuse to the authorities. These pedophiles remain in their congregations and continue to molest and rape children. I'm going to list a few of the more recent cases that proves they are still mishandling this issue and still putting children at risk.

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Elder David Frank Pople-child sexual assault-2016

Elder Harry Holt- 2016 Holt, was found guilty of 11 charges of indecent assault and lewd

and libidinous behaviour in Seamill, Dalry, Saltcoats, Kilbirnie, Stevenston and Donovan

Ramil F. Duldulao-sexual assault-2015

J. Moore-rape,sodomy-2015

Terre Haute-child exploitation, possession of child pornography, child solicitation-2015

Elder Steven M. Lindhorst- lewd act with chil, child porn-2015

Update 2:

Ian Pheasy-strangling children for sexual gratification-2015

Jose Luis Aguilera- child molestation, rape-2015

Richard Davenport-rape-2015

Craig Allen-sexual activity with a child-2015

Andrew Steven Hughes-rape-2015

Michael R. Paigo- lewd & lascivious battery on a person between 12- 6 years old-2014

Update 3:

Adrian B. Wagner- distribution of child pornography, child abuse-1995, 2002, 2014

Gonzalo Campos- child molestation-2014

Elder David Dennis- child molestation, rape-2014

Jerald Jordan- Attempted Use of a Minor in Nudity Oriented Material or Performance-2014

Eric Joya-child molesting-2014

Elder Mark Sewell-rape, child molestation-2014

Update 4:

Jonathon Rose-child molestation-2013

Oswald Misigaro - child sexual assault-2013

Michael Harris-Rape-2013

Terry Monheim-indecent assault on a person younger than 16 years old-2013

Jahaziel Levi Rodriguez-Vasquez-2013

Katheryn Harris Carmean White- rape-2013

Jeffrey C. Buzzard-child molestation-2013

Elder Francis C. Wong-child molestation-2013

K.J. Hammons-inappropriate sexual conduct-2013

Update 5:

Hugh R. Murray-sexual assault-2013

Donald R. Brown-lewd and lascivious assault on a child-2013

Charles L. Pearce-Lewd or Lascivious Molestation-2013

James A. McQueen-rape, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse-2012

Stacey G. Begay-child abuse-2012

Paul Sutherland- forced sodomy-2012

Christopher D. Rowles-lewd and lascivious molestation-2012

Thomas D. Stratton-sexual abuse-2011

Elder Jose Manuel Pavon- Rape and Murger-2011

Update 6:

Rene P. Lemieux-Lewd or Lascivious Molestation-2011

Jewel B. Grier-lewd or lascivious molestation-2011

Bert L. Cook Jr-lewd and lascivious molestation-2011

Jordan A. Linton- rape-2010

Orlando A. Afanador-Sexual Assault of a Child-2010

Joel M. Garcia-child porn-2010

Gavin L. Garcia-Sexual Assault Of a Child-2010

Jeffrey Gist -child molestation, murder-2009

Jesus Cano -child molestation-2009

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    The witnesses answering and diverting to other religions are disgusting. They still have the 2 witness rule in place. The elders are taking the fall for doing what the leaders demanded of them and the lemming congregation people are blaming the elders as well. Sick damn cult and I am so happy that they are dying.

    ex JW Atheist

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    Jehovah's Witnesses, why hasn't your organization's child sexual abuse problem been corrected?


    Many JWs are still in denial about the huge child sexual abuse problem within their religion.

    - To whom is that a surprise.

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    As a practicing JW we have a work to do. Thats our focus and ministry. I feel for the victims as all our faith do. I m a survivor of sexual abuse. But drawing close to Jehovah makes me put those sordid details behind me. I ve suffered depression, 5 miscarriages 2 rapes 1 a gang one (but not minimising what all the victims in the cases you quoted above) our ministry helps us to find the down and out drug abusers, alcoholics and those suffering now. Its not denial but a reality check for us that men are imperfect even the elders who were named and arrested. I feel for their own families. We know these type of things Jehovah detest and hates. His Word is full of the things he hates incest, fornication, gross immorality etc. Warning to everyone Mal 3:18 the difference between a wicked and righteous one. People think they can hide the Bible nothing remains hidden from his eyes. Gal 6:7 Do not be misled. God is not one to be mocked. For whatever a person is sowing this he also will reap.

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    David Frank Pople - met the boys through the Safety Bay congregation of the church and assaulted them between 1989 and 1996.

    Elder Harry Holt - “He was sitting straight across from me. As a result he was removed as an elder from the congregation.” Should have been reported and gone to jail.

    Ramil F. Duldulao - - does nto say he was a JW. His family was JW but he was not.

    J. Moore - - Not a JW

    Terre Haute - - Not a JW. He is a democrat.

    Steven M. Lindhorst - disfellowshiped

    Ian Pheasey - was reported to the police by the elders.

    Jose Luis Aguilera - not a JW. Was reported to police by family

    Richard Davenport - caught. Hope he gets everything he deserves.

    Craig Allen -

    Andrew Steven Hughes - not a JW

    Adrian B. Wagner - not a jw

    Gonzalo Campos - 1982 and 1995 - no longer a JW

    David Dennis - no longer a JW

    Eric Joya - in jail and no longer a JW

    Jonathan Rose - no longer a JW

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    The same reason that the Baptists, Methodists, Lutherans etc: haven't.

    It's often hard to determine the facts in a case.

    The legal profession calls it "He said, she said."

    For a long time the Witnesses tried to handle these cases by using Old Testament Laws and Principles. ... That simply didn't work in the modern world.

    As laws have caught up to the modern worlds lack of morals, more and more, Laws that say ANY kind of sexual accusation by a child/young person must be reported to the authorities have been passed.


    It's a sad fact of modern life that "wolves in sheep's clothing" hide in many religions. ... I once Googled "Baptist sex abuse, Methodist sex abuse, Catholic sex abuse etc: etc: and every one of them came up with multiple news stories.

    Makes you sick to read them.

    What's the answer? ... For God's Kingdom to come. Only then will all evil be removed from the Earth.


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    sorry to hear of any child abuse from any religion, from any family,

    JW's are not the only ones that are being found out,

    Catholics a major religion hid thousands of pedophile priests :

    In a statement read by Archbishop Silvano Maria Tomasi in September 2009, the Holy See stated, "We know now that in the last 50 years somewhere between 1.5% and 5% of the Catholic clergy has been involved in sexual abuse cases", adding that this figure was comparable to that of other groups and denominations.

    If you are calling out one religion are you saying its ok for other religions to hide the abuse.

    What about the non religious families who do the same.

    If your talking about one you have to talk about the other some 2600 plus religions and sects and cults

    look whose a basher today,,,,many people have been convicted and was innocent.....Do you know these people personally, were you there when the alledged happened...are you god so that you can judge

    so what is your religion so I can find the pedophiles your has been convicted of

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    You mean that pedophiles still remain in the Catholic Church ,

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    All they have done so far is deflect. They say it happens to other groups but other groups get busy and protect children. The only deflect.

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