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How long will Total Nonstop Action Wrestling remain on Pop! TV?

The fourteen year old Professional Wrestling Promotion has Six different Television Channels, Spike.TV dropped Total Nonstop Action Wrestling's Impact! Wrestling TV Show in 2014 then Destination America would drop Impact! Wrestling in 2015. Both Spike.TV and Destination America would move The TNA Timeslot, in which Pop! TV has recently done as well. Reports have also surfaced that Total Nonstop Action Wrestling isn't paying Production Staff, and hasn't since January. Opting out of paying their employees at all, TNA is now looking for a new production staff.

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Is Impact! Wrestling using Atari Logic, Drew Galloway is 30 + Bobby Lashley is 39 that makes 69 in the main event of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. Where as World Wrestling Entertainment now has Roman Reigns who is 30 and Seth Rollins who is 29 that equals up to 59. Is Impact! Wrestling better since they have the bigger age number equation in the main event....


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    There's really no way of knowing. TNA usually stays afloat even though it seems like they're gonna go out of business. I really do think TNA is going out of business soon tho

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