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What would you name these fictional couples kids?

You may give each couple up to 4 kids. You choose gender. Try not to use the same names if they already have kids. I know some of these aren't canon or can't happen.

1) Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase (Percy Jackson)

2) Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley (Potter as of DH) (Harry Potter)

3) Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger (Weasley as of DH) (Harry Potter)

4) Thomas and Brenda (Maze Runner)

5) Thomas and Teresa (Maze Runner)

6) Robin and Starfire (Teen Titans)

7) Raven and Beast Boy (Teen Titans)

8) Jonas and Fiona (The Giver)

9) Austin Moon and Ally Dawson (Austin and Ally)

10) Dez and Carrie (Austin and Ally)

11) Trish and Chuck (Austin and Ally

BQ: What was your favorite pairing?

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    Percy Paul Jackson and Annabeth Margaret Chase-Jackson

    -Theodore Stephen, Margaret Jean, and Parker Levi

    --- Percy and Annabeth, Teddy, Maggie, and Parker Jackson

    Harry James and Ginny Molly Potter

    -Alastor Remus, Kingsley Sirius, Daniel Rupert, and Molly Lavender

    --- Harry and Ginny, Alastor, King, Daniel, and Molly Potter

    Ronald Bilius and Hermione Jean Weasley

    -Bethany Rose, Arthur Dylan, and Emma Madeline

    --- Ron and Hermione, Bethany, Arthur, and Emma Weasley

    Thomas Cameron and Brenda Leigh O’Brien

    -Benjamin Lee and Tabitha Carmen

    ---Thomas and Brenda, Ben and Tabitha O’Brien

    Thomas Dylan and Teresa Kaya Runion

    -Ava Paige, Blake Tanner, and Charles Matthew

    ---Tom and Teresa, Ava, Blake, and Charlie Runion

    Robin Grayson and Starfire Cassie West

    -Duncan Arrow, Harper Rae, Wallace Kid, and Hawkins Reid

    ---Robin and Starfire, Duncan, Harper, Wally, and Hawk West

    Rachel Raven and Garfield Mark (Beast Boy) Logan

    -Jericho Mark and Bunker Allen

    ---Raven and Beast Boy, Jericho and Bunker Logan

    Jonas Brenton and Fiona Kate Bridges

    -Alexander Finn, Joseph Taylor, and Brynn Danielle

    ---Jonas and Fiona, Alex, Joey, and Brynn Bridges

    Austin Ross Moon and Ally Laura Dawson

    -Abigail Brooke, Anna Leigh, and Alexandra Rose

    ---Austin and Ally, Abby, Anna, and Alex Dawson

    Dez Calum and Carrie Kat Welsh

    -Hannah Caroline and Lily Grace

    ---Dez and Carrie, Hannah, and Lily Welsh

    Trish Jill and Chuck Paul Green

    -Robert Paul, Victoria Zoey, Rebecca Jane, and Cole Nelson

    ---Trish and Chuck, Paul, Tori, Becca, and Cole Green

    Favorite pairing is Harry and Ginny, and Ron and Hermione

    Yes I am a BIG HARRY POTTER FAN!!!!!!!!!!

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    Sally Bianca Jackson

    Chase Grover Jackson

    Remus Hagrid Potter

    Jean Minerva Weasley

    Arthur Fred Weasley

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    This is such a fun question :)

    Percy Jr. Jackson 'PJ'

    Alyssa Jackson

    Danny Potter

    Molly Potter

    Conner Weasley

    Monique Weasley




    Tamara 'Tammy'



    Tamlin (boy)

    Summer (girl)



    Patrick Moon

    Lisa Moon





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    1. Ocean Thalia, Keen Cristian, and Andrew Perseus

    2. Henry Cedric and Genevieve Grace

    3. Arthur Lucas, Maya Molly, and Tara Mae

    4. Tayva Marie, Charles Caleb "Chuck",

    Newt Albert, and Laurel Suzanne "Laurie"

    5. Harriet Elizabeth, Chase Charles, Shelby Rockelle, and Bennett Cash "Ben"

    6. Archer Jack "AJ", Rocky John, and Robin Richard

    7. Basil Grey, Erica Roi "Ricky", Rebecca Quinn, and Willow Ryland

    8. Lily Lorelai, Asher Jacob, and Griffin Graham "Griff"

    9. Arielle Alexandra, Aurora Aspen "Rory", Aria Ava, and Alec-Ace Ashton

    10. Declan James "Dec" and Francesca Sage "Frankie"

    11. Peyton Paige

    BQ: Well, I'm a huge Harry Potter nerd, but I gotta go with Percy and Annabeth

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    Now, read just the first letter of each name.

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