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Good day there! I need ur help if u could.?

I need ur help if u could help me with paper outline concerning hemingway symbolism in "a farewell to arms". Please if u could give me a head start regarding the approach and the outline.

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    Intro paragraph

    A SHORT passage about this book, ending with the THESIS STATEMENT.

    (Example Intro Paragraph)

    Ernest Hemingway's <i>A Farewell to Arms</i>, published in 1923, attempts to describe war in plain and honest terms, without heroics or pathos. It was Hemingway's first best-selling book, and is a major work emerging from World War I. One of the ways that Hemingway achieves his literary effectiveness is through the use of three main symbols. (<-- thesis statement)

    (Note: There is a huge amount of stuff you could say about this novel. Pick things to say that your professor considers important. I just picked any old thing, but you should think about the professor's ideas as you understand them from class.)

    1st body paragraph

    One of the most important symbols in <i>A Farewell to Arms</i> is the use of the stars on the officers' uniforms as symbols of authority and competence.

    (Use the 1st paragraph for your most intriguing point so the reader will be drawn into your paper.)

    2nd body paragraph

    Besides the officers' stars, a second major symbol in <i>A Farewell to Arms</i> is the symbolism of hair.

    (Use the 2nd paragraph to bury your weakest or dullest point.)

    3rd body paragraph

    In addition to the symbolism of the officers' stars and the protagonists' hair, one of the most powerful symbols that recurs throughout <i>A Farewell to Arms</i> is the use of rain as a symbol of death.

    (Use this paragraph for your strongest point, the one with lots of examples that prove your point.)

    Conclusion paragraph

    You must reflect on the idea of your paper, draw it out into something bigger and more universal, or make some remark about the meaning or impact of the topic of this paper. Example: "This novel cemented Hemingway's reputation as a major American author. It exposed readers to the brutal reality of one of the most futile and meaningless major wars ever waged -- and of all wars as well. Blah blah ... "

    For each paragraph

    > Use any symbols you want. Just put the paragraphs in this order:

    1) Intriguing 2) Boring 3) Strongest

    > Draw out your idea and explain it

    > Find exact quotes from the book that demonstrate your point. Paste them directly into the paragraph

    > Cite the page number of each quote

    > Find experts who agree with you and paste their exact words into the paragraph

    > Cite these experts exactly, using the format the professor wants

    Here are some Google hits you can browse

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    Thank you very much. This is very helpful. Now I have all the tools to kick it off. My teacher asked me about the approach I'm using. What type of approach should I go for? And should I use other sources (critics' positions)apart from the primary source? Thank you in advance. U helped me more than my supervisor.

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      You certainly should use critics to augment your ideas. No one imagines that you thought up those symbols on your own. Give full credit to the critics, paste their exact words into your paper, and cite them exactly.

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