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is the spirit infinite? Meditating has shown me something I did not expect! Your thoughts please?

Hello, my name is Zachery. I was just meditating and I saw/imagined something that I never imagined. As I sat on my bed and closed my eyes, I let my life play in my mind like a movie on flash forward. It flashed by in about two seconds. I then felt centered. I knew who I was. I felt whole. At that moment I saw that when I die my spirit will raise from my body and go into space. I will then travel through the universe at any speed. I could be anywhere any when instantly or slowly. Once I left my body, all of my memory's from my life came with me. I somehow knew that the next step would be to find a new body to inhabit to experience a new life. I knew that once my soul entered this newborn creature that all of my previous life memories would be blocked. They are blocked so that they do not influence this new life experience. Thus the cycle starts again. This goes on forever. This idea has never came to me before now. I have never heard of anyone else experiencing this and I don't know what it means to me at this point. Has anyone else ever had this experience while meditating? I don't meditate often. Does this sound completely crazy? Please let me know what you think. Thank you for reading.

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    Only for those who believe in a God.

    The mind can be our greatest friend or greatest enemy.

    There are some things we are better off not worrying about.

    Over thinking is proven to lead to issues that do not exist.

    You can read about this world renown" genius" and his thoughts.

    During his time at his lab, Tesla observed unusual signals from his receiver which he concluded may be communications from another planet.

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    Next time I am also keen to travel with you when you go in trance. I want to enjoy the benefits of such spiritual meditation.

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    you might be a natural meditator! you should keep going!

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