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Do the manual (spray hose) car washes in your area use Hot Water?


I recently relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada... none of the car washes I've used here have hot water. When I asked about this, everyone acted like I was crazy. They said that there are no manual car washes in the world that use hot water.

Update 2:

That is total BS... I am from the Midwest.. I've lived in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Florida, and now Nevada.

All of the manual car washes I've ever used in the last 40 years had hot water... some weren't so hot, some were steamy hot... if they didn't have hot water, it was because something was broken.

Update 3:

some were "steaming hot" is what I meant to type

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    Former Ohioan here . . . and remember when the water was hot at the "wishie washie" ...... even the drive-thru mechanized places steam-cleaned the wheels and used hot water.

    1) assume it's more expensive these days to heat the water 2) I think they decided that too great a difference in temp between the water and car wasn't good for the paint, ie 100 degree water hitting a 10 degree paint job ???? 3) 4 sure, am guessing that it's easier to get dust off your ride in Vegas than all the salt, slop and crap in a midwest winter 4) come to Florida: my car hasn't been wet for 3 years except every few weeks when I wipe it off with a damp towel !!!

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    Yes, almost all the ones in Evansville, Indiana use very hot water. Sometimes when I've traveled, some of them do and some of them don't. It's much more difficult to get your car clean with ice cold water.

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    don't remember ever going to a car wash using hot water. especially in the winter time and I've lived in 6 states over the last 35+ years on the east coast

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