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Republicans claim that Obama's economy is "horrible", so how was it possible for car and truck sales to hit record sales in April 2016?

DETROIT — (WWJ) Car and truck sales are coming in at a pace that could make this the best April ever.

“I think that should provide relief to people who think sales were slowing after a disappointing March,” said analyst Michelle Krebs.

Honda taking the lead with a 14 percent increase over April of 2015. Nissan sales were close behind, up 13 percent. Fiat Chrysler sales rose 6 percent. Ford and Toyota sales rising 4 percent.

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    Because republicans like to lie to either make themselves look better or make the democrats look bad!

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    My guess is that people have been holding on to their cars for so long, because they couldn't afford to replace them in this Obama economy, that they are simply at the point where they have to buy another car.

    Check out the article I've linked to. The average age of the car on the road today is 11.5 years old. 44 Million cars are 16 to 24 years old!

    Now that I've answered that question, how about you answer this one.

    If the Obama economy is so damn good, why was real GDP growth 0.5% last month and why has Obama never had even a single year where the economy grew at 3% or more?

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    Republicans lie

  • 5 years ago

    *They are so used to saying that over and

    over doesn't matter what happens. Obama is horrible.

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