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Last Name: Wordsmith, Greene, Reeves, Busch, Ellington, Koning

Dad: Garret, Samson, James, William, Oliver, Percy

Mom: Justine, Joy, Margaret, Victoria, Elyse, Analiese

Son: Owen, Benjamin, Samuel, Alexander, Jack, Thomas

Son: Dexter, Noah, Finn, Matthew, Grant, Robert

Daughter: Audrey, Amelia, Olivia, Juliet, Rose, Elizabeth


Son: Joseph, Raymond, Emmett, Jacob, Evan, Levi

Daughter: Violet, Jillian, Lucy, Emily, April, Grace

Daughter: Abigail, Arabella, Scarlett, Claire, Hannah, Kara

Daughter: Raine, Caroline, Katherine, Sarah, Harper, Lily


Daughter: Amanda, Peri, Julianne, Leah, Sophia, Serenity

Son: David, Eli, Miles, Ethan, Sebastian, Lucas

Daughter: Amity, Jocelyn, Clarissa, Rena, Eleanor, Lana

Son: Nathaniel, Logan, Hudson, Mitchell, Jude, Ryan

Daughter: Avery, Molly, Alice, Ruby, Rachel, Gemma


William Percy Ellington

Analiese Joy Ellington nee Reeves

Alexander Jack Ellington - 23

Noah Grant Ellington - 20

Olivia Rose Ellington - 18

Emmett Levi Ellington -16

Emily Grace Ellington - 16

Arabella Scarlett Ellington - 14

Katherine Lily Ellington - 11

Julianne Peri Ellington - 9

Lucas Miles Ellington - 9

Clarissa Lana Ellington - 9

Nathaniel Jude Ellington - 7

Rachel Molly Ellington - 5

Liam and Ana have Alex, Noah, Liv, Emmett, Emmy, Bella, Katie, Juli, Luke, Clary, Nate, and Ray

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    • Oliver James Busch

    • Victoria Margaret Busch (neé Greene)

    • Alexander Jack Busch

    • Noah Matthew Busch

    • Elizabeth Rose Busch

    • Joseph Emmett Busch

    • April Grace Busch

    • Abigail Hannah Busch

    • Caroline Harper Busch

    • Julianne Leah Busch

    • Sebastian David Busch

    • Jocelyn Lana Busch

    • Jude Nathaniel Busch

    • Gemma Rachel Busch

    — Oliver and Victoria + A.J., Noah, Eliza, Jo, April, Abby, Cara, Julie, Sebastian, Josie, Jude, and Gemma

    — Rose ♥

  • 4 years ago

    The Reeves Family

    Oliver James

    Margaret Elyse "Maggie"

    Samuel Owen

    Noah Grant

    Audrey Elizabeth

    Joseph Levi

    Lucy Grace

    Hannah Arabella

    Lily Caroline

    Sophia Julianne

    Lucas Sebastian

    Eleanor Clarissa

    Jude Hudson

    Molly Avery

  • layla
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    4 years ago

    William Percy Reeves & Margaret Joy Ellington

    Benjamin Samuel Reeves

    Matthew Noah Reeves

    Amelia Juliet Reeves

    Emmett Joseph Reeves, Jillian Violet Reeves

    Hannah Scarlet Reeves

    Caroline Harper Reeves

    Amanda Julianne Reeves, Sebastian Eli Reeves, Jocelyn Amity Reeves

    Nathaniel Hudson Reeves

    Molly Alice Reeves

  • 4 years ago

    Oliver Percy Greene

    Victoria Elyse Greene

    Jack Samuel Greene

    Finn Matthew Greene

    Amelia Audrey Greene

    Joseph Jacob Greene

    Violet Emily Greene

    Scarlett Kara Greene

    Sarah Katherine Greene

    Sophia Julianne Greene

    Eli Sebastian Greene

    Clarissa Eleanor Greene

    Logan Jude Greene

    Alice Gemma Greene


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  • Skylar
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    4 years ago

    Dad: Percy Samson Ellington

    Mum: Margaret Analiese Ellington

    Owen Alexander Ellington

    Dexter Robert Ellington

    Juliet Amelia Ellington

    Evan Raymond Ellington & Jillian Lucy Ellington

    Claire Abigail Ellington

    Harper Caroline Ellington

    Leah Julianne Ellington, Miles Sebastian Ellington & Amity Lana Ellington

    Logan Nathaniel Ellington

    Ruby Alice Ellington

  • Amy
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    4 years ago

    Surname: Reeves

    Garret James & Elyse Victoria

    Jack Alexander (16)

    Matthew Finn (14)

    Olivia Rose (13)

    Jacob Joseph (11)

    Lucy Grace (11)

    Arabella Claire (8)

    Katherine Raine (6)

    Serenity Julianne (3)

    Lucas Miles (3)

    Amity Clarissa (3)

    Logan Jude (1)

    Alice Avery (newborn)

    Gary & Elyse Reeves have: Jack, Mattie, Livia, Jake, Lucy, Bella, Katie, Sera, Luke, Ami, Logan & Alice.

  • Anna
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    4 years ago

    Garret William Green (47)

    Margaret Elyse Greene 'Maggie' (45)

    Benjamin Thomas Greene 'Benji' (17)

    Matthew Noah Greene (16)

    Amelia Rose (14)

    Joseph Raymond Greene 'Joey' & Violet Grace Greene (12)

    Scarlett Claire Greene(9)

    Harper Katherine Greene (7)

    Sophia Julianne Greene & Eli Lucas Greene & Clarissa Rena Greene 'Clary' (4)

    Ryan Mitchell Greene (2)

    Ruby Alice Greene (4 mo)

  • Lia
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    4 years ago

    William James Reeves- 44 "Will

    Analiese Joy Reeves- 42 "Ana

    Benjamin Alexander Reeves- 18 "Ben"

    Grant Finn Reeves- 17

    Audrey Elizabeth Reeves- 16

    Evan Levi Reeves- 13

    Violet Grace Reeves- 13

    Scarlett Claire Reeves-10

    Lily Harper Reeves- 9

    Leah Julianne Reeves- 7

    Eli Lucas Reeves- 7

    Eleanor Lana Reeves- 7 "Ellie"

    Mitchell Logan Reeves- 4 "Mitch"

    Ruby Alice Reeves- 2

  • 4 years ago

    Surname: Reeves

    Father: William James Reeves “Liam” (45)

    Mother: Victoria Elyse Reeves “Vic” (née Ellington) (43)

    1• Alexander Jack Reeves “Alec” (21)

    2• Matthew Finn Reeves “Matt” (19)

    3• Elizabeth Rose Reeves “Eliza” (17)

    4• Joseph Levi Reeves “Joe” (16)

    5• Violet Grace Reeves (16)

    6• Arabella Scarlett Reeves “Bella” (12)

    7• Katherine Lily Reeves “Kate” (9)

    8• Sophia Julianne Reeves (7)

    9• Sebastian Lucas “Seb” (7)

    10• Jocelyn Rena Reeves “Josie” (7)

    11• Nathaniel Logan Reeves “Nate” (3)

    12• Ruby Alice Reeves (2)

    Liam & Vic

    Alec, Matt, Eliza, Joe, Violet, Bella, Kate, Sophia, Seb, Josie, Nate & Ruby

  • !!
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    4 years ago

    Samson Oliver Koning + Elyse Justine Koning

    Thomas Benjamin Koning

    Grant Dexter Koning

    Elizabeth Audrey Koning

    Levi Raymond Koning + April Jillian Koning

    Kara Hanna Koning

    Raine Harper Koning

    Peri Sophia Koning, Miles David Koning + Clarissa Amity Koning

    Hudson Nathaniel Koning

    Gemma Ruby Koning

  • 4 years ago

    Oliver James Greene

    Elyse Joy Greene

    Benjamin Samuel Greene

    Noah Dexter Greene

    Audrey Rose Greene

    (all the names on that list are my TOP FAV)

    Joseph Levi Greene

    Lucy Violet Greene

    Scarlett Claire Greene (fav)

    Caroline Lily Greene

    Sophia Julianna Greene

    Sebastian Eli Greene

    Lana Clarissa Greene

    Ryan Jude Greene

    Gemma Ruby Greene

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