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Who was in charge of China during the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989?

A) Jiang Zemin

B) Zhao Ziyang

C) Li Peng

D) Deng Xiaoping

E) Hu Jintao

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    Deng at the time didn't hold official title of government position. But he was the person who held absolute power of PRC China at the time, including government and PLA military. He gave the order to PRC PLA to open fire to put down the protests at Tienanmen Square. And there was the infamous Tienanmen massacre.

    After the massacre, Western countries sanctioned PRC China. But today PRC government denies there was massacre. The key word is banned in PRC China search engine. Their school kids do not know there was a massacre in 1989.

    The moms and family members of the students who gave their lives, are not allowed to visit these kids' graves. The government arrange for heavy police escort and do not allow media or other people, then allow short visits to those graves. Every year close to June 4th day, these family members and other dissidents are closely watched and many of them are under house arrest.

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    Deng Xiaoping.

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    I could get the answer for you, but I'd just use google. I'm not sure why you didn't just do that. This is pretty straightforward.

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    Take your pick!

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