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How far you can go with freedom of speech?

Let's say I am aware John Doe's mother is dead, and I insult him by using his deceased mother. I say "may that stupid fat jew rest in peace" to him. I'm not a bigot, but there are people who are that malicious.

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    Freedom of speech is nearly limitless, however there are a few "tests" as they are called than can limit what what you can say. First, speech must not incite violence or lawlessness and must not create the imminent threat of harm to others. For example, you cannot go into a crowded grocery store and yell "Fire" possibly creating panic. Next is what is called a "True Threat", this is the restriction that prevents anyone from making threats to members of the government, or making threats in which the speaker has a real possibility of acting on the treat. Also illegal are obscenity and child pornography. Both are meant to serve as protection for youth. This test is the reason that censorship exists on television and radio. The obscenity portion of this also falls under the category of a "Captive Audience" meaning that the audience is unable to reasonably escape, or was unexpectedly exposed to the obscenity in a situation that it does not normally exist. Finally there is "Fighting Words" and "Defamation". Fighting Words restricts speech that would cause the listener to retaliate against the speaker or others. And finally, defamation is the set of laws the limit slander and libel, which are false or un-provable words or images that can damage the reputation of a person. As long as whatever you say (or make an image of) does not violate any of these tests, it is considered legal freedom of speech.

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    I'd say, when your speech causes harm to another person, you have exceeded freedom, and taken license, instead. It's very much like screaming FIRE in a crowded movie theater.....when there IS no fire. It's against the law, as people could easily be hurt or even killed.

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    Well, that would be considered hate speech because the word Jew was included. If that is left out, it's just an insult.

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    You can go as far as you want as long you don't threaten them.

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  • Anonymous
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    You are a bigot, why mention that the person is jewish? What has that got to do with anything?

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    You can say anything you want, and the government cannot prosecute you.

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    you cant yell fire in a crowed movie theatre if there is no fire.

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