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New 8 week old kitten?

Sorry. My kitten is 8 weeks old, and i got her yesterday. I have a dog, who is pretty gentle to my other cat (she used to let her nurse on her because my cat was only 5 weeks old when i found her.) The new kitten (marley) is shy, but very sweet. My dog is 4 years old, medium (corgi x aussie x sheperd) and this morning wanted to play with the new kitten. Marley got scared, lunged and hissed at her and my dog snapped at her ( not biting her, just letting her know not to hiss at her ) and now i'm scared they can't be homed together. I put the kitten in a carrier and put it near the dog, who sniffed once then ate a treat. The kitten still hisses but seems to want to sniff and explore but i don't want her getting hurt


I have 2 cats, but my other cat is skittish and doesn't like being pet or anything. Im not worried about her, im worried about the kitten and the dog

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    Put kitten in the bathroom. This will help with training for kitten/dog, as well as helping the adult cat get used to the kitten, if you still have her.

    It will take time for the kitten to get used to the dog. You can't just put them together but let the kitten see the dog from a distance.

    Pet the dog and let the kitten sniff your hand. After that, you will slowly get the kitten used to being a little closer and a little closer to the dog - BUT, you cannot rush this.

    It takes time for kittens to get used to the idea that a larger animal and one who smells entirely different from them is O.K.

    Once the kitten is getting used to the dog, you can gradually hold the kitten nearer. Then, you can hold the kitten over the dog making sure the kitten is not too frightened. At this point, I will slowly place the kitten on the dog's back as long as I know the dog will tolerate it. Only hold the kitten over the dog for a brief moment in your hand, then move her away. This helps her see the dog is safe.

    Soon, you will be able to hold the kitten over or near the dog, longer.

    After awhile, the kitten will simply be used to the dog in the room, and near her in general. But, time is the determining factor, here.

    As long as the dog is tolerant of the kitten you are in good shape. If the dog seems to be apprehensive of the kitten, you can put doggie on a leash and train for sitting when the cat is in the room.

    Kittens should be in a small room for a couple weeks until more used to the whole situation. This is safer and makes them feel more comforted. Up toage ten or twelve weeks is best for this. If the kitten runs the house, she may continue to feel uncomfortable with the dog, and afraid of other things in the house. Cats are creatures who get used to things slowly. If you allow this, you help the cat along and it moves more quickly, and the learning lasts much longer.

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    It takes about a week for cats to get used to each other , Don't leave them alone together , make sure you are with them until that time .

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    You can get them used to eachother by having them near but use some sort of a block, whether it is a cage or a baby block. Slowly have them interact and they should be better. Good luck!

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    I would give them time to ajust to being near each other. A cat can outrun and get to places the dog cant, however I would make sure you always have your eye on them

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