Going to ask her to be my girlfriend tonight?

I've a date with this girl tonight and though it's technically our second date, I can tell she really likes me and I like her back. I say "technically" our second date because we've hung out twice before (but they weren't planned as dates) and they were going to a club for a few drinks and going to the cinema.

We had a date last week and we kissed a few times (we had a few drinks at that point but were still sober enough to know we wanted to kiss) and held hands (with our fingers interlocked) while we kissed at one stage (she even bit my lip and kissed my neck). We've been putting Xxx in our texts and say "*kisses you*" as well to make the other blush or smile while we're texting.

For our date tonight we're going for a few drinks at a bar then going to a club, but her friend yesterday mailed me saying I should her ask her to be my girlfriend because she really likes me and has been wanting to go out with for ages and would definitely say yes (she even said that she always blushes or smiles when she gets a text from me, etc.), so I've a bit of confidence about it.

After going to the first bar I was thinking of asking her then because we wouldn't be drunk at that point and I'd have more time to ask her, rather than ask her as her taxi arrives.

Any advice?


Her friend also said "she goes bright red when talking about you so she clearly really likes you" when we were talking as well

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago
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    Everything is cool. You don't need any advice, go ahead and ask her.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Just ask her what's her favorite sex position

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