Your thoughts on Pres. Obama and The U.S.Department of Justice OVER-STEPPING Title IX Laws, and "Black -mailing" Public Schools?

which they DON'T have the authority to do?


Title IX and Sex Discrimination - U.S. Department of Education

United States Department of Education


When this happens, will you be okay with it?

An 18 year old male college student decides he is transgender.

He hangs out in the womens room, waiting for a female to enter a stall.

He puches her, knocks her out and drags her into a stall where he sexually assaults her.

If you THOUGHT college girls were being sexually assaulted before, you AIN'T SEEN NOTHIN' YET, HUH?

Just saying!

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  • 4 years ago
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    Did you see Obama's last speech on TV? He scratched his ear! He insulted ears everywhere! He ought to be impeached!

    Part of the president's job is to enforce the law and the Constitution. In his view (and mine, and a lot of people) part of this is in protecting the rights of 'despised minorities'. if some state passed a law saying that left-handers couldn't vote, or people with blue eyes couldn't go into a shopping mall, it would be the fed. govt's job to bring a lawsuit to overturn a discriminatory law like that.

    Obama isn't ORDERING the law to be cancelled. He's bringing a lawsuit, taking the matter to a court to let them decide--AS THE CONSTITUTION PRESCRIBES. That's his job!

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